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Dracula was the Savior of Europe and Christianity: Russian Researcher

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Screenshot from Dracula Untold 2014.

Last year there was a news article in Pravda where journalist Igor Bukker was interviewing Russian researcher, historian, genealogist, archivist and writer Aleksandr Radyevici Andreev.

In the interview Aleksandr spoke about his newest book, “I want Romania! The true story of Vlad the Impaler Dracula”.

The interview is quite big (49 minutes) and unfortunately there are no English translations of the interview. Ours is the first.

Long story short, Aleksandr Radyevici Andreev said in the interview that the first written language in the world was invented in the territorial region of what is now Romania, over 8000 years ago, way before the Egyptian hieroglyphs or the Sumerian language and he also mentioned that it was in that region where the wheel was first invented as well.

During the introduction of the ancient history of that region of Europe, Aleksandr mentioned that the Romanians were called Dacians back then and they were a brave people who could have beaten the Roman Empire anytime and as many times as they wanted.

After finishing with the ancient history, he went on to the more recent history, such as centuries old history instead of millennium old history, saying that Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) is actually UNDERESTIMATED and not overestimated by any means. On the contrary, he said that Vlad The Impaler’s battles were much more important that Transylvanian ruler John Hunyadi‘s battles which are hailed as being the most effective against the Turks.

Among other things Aleksandr said that Dracula was the personal enemy of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and that he was also no more or no less than the savior of Europe and of the entire Christendom in front of the Muslim hoards of Ottoman Empire. Aleksandr then said that even the ordinary Romanian people had an important role in saving Europe, along with the Russians just a few centuries later who also fought and held back the Turks until they finally destroyed the Ottoman Empire in 1878 together with the Romanians.

According to conspiracy nutcases such as Alex Jones from Infowars.com, Vlad the Impaler was a vicious nazi vampire demon psychopath. On the contrary, Vlad was “the savior of Europe and Christianity”, it is Alex who is the vicious psychopath.

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