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Donald Trump Betrays his Voters, Unendorsed by Everyone after Syria War

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Donald Trump declares WAR on Syria, betraying his voters and breaking his campaign promises of avoiding foreign wars and placing America first.

Donald Trump has effectively shot himself in the foot and lost all support from all leading alt-right figures who helped him get elected. He has swapped his alt-right voters with leftists. Now Trump gets full praise in the leftist media while heavily bashed in the right media.

Are we exaggerating? No! Here’s why!

Richard Spencer is heavily disappointed with Donald Trump and basically unedorsed him:

Stefan Molyneux said that Trump is a hoax who can’t get things done and who didn’t deliver on his promises:

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange called Trump just another neocon who scammed everyone:

Mike Cernovich is also disgusted with Trump:

Alex Jones is also disappointed and he said Trump is doing this to prove he’s not a Russian agent which is stupid:

Gary Franchi of Next News Network is also criticizing Trump’s war in Syria:

Henrik and Lana of Red Ice TV have also unendorsed Donald Trump after this:

Ron Paul opposes the war and said that this is a false flag on Assad probably staged by ISIS:

Rand Paul also opposes the war:

Many others are speaking out against this, remember these people are all Trump supporters and Trump voters, not some random leftists:

Paul Joseph Watson has also blasted Trump on Twitter:

Laura Ingraham didn’t like it either:

Ann Coulter, who like us the EU Times, has endorsed Donald Trump very early on, since June 2015, also opposes the war:

Katie Hopkins is also disappointed and believes someone stole her president:

Another prominent Trump supporter, Tim Treadstone, known as Baked Alaska, tweeted that despite being a supporter of the president his latest actions were not supported by “Real Trump Supporters.”

VDARE another major nationalist outlet opposes the war:

Nigel Farage of UKIP is also asking questions:

Trump is basically over, he is now officially a one-term president after this, he will never get re-elected and if the Democrats will impeach him for whatever reason such as disliking his hair, his former supporters will no longer stand up for him.

Even neo-nazis such as Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer who have been really obsessed with Trump and used to call him “God Emperor Trump” are disappointed in Trump and didn’t want this war, Andrew said “I’ve been up all night drinking, crying and punching holes in the fu**ing wall.”

Vladimir Putin who saw Trump as a peace maker and possible ally, now feels betrayed, angry, disappointed and is already issuing threats against Trump and stated his readiness to strike back and start WW3 over this: Vladimir Putin says US air strikes on Syria army ‘illegal’ and badly damage relations with Russia.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev wrote on his Facebook page that “the US missile strike violated not only international, but also US laws, the attack was on the brink of military clashes with Russia. Instead of their much-publicized thesis about a joint fight with a common enemy, Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL], the Trump administration has proven that it will fiercely fight against the legal government of Syria.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry also said that Moscow is suspending an agreement that prevents direct conflict with American forces in Syria in response to Trump-ordered air strikes. Nice! Way to go Trump!

Rex Tillerson is now threatening Russia as well, telling Russia that it should “consider carefully their support” for Assad. Or what Rex? World War 3? How did we ever come to this point? The Alt-Right needs to burn Trump heavily for this, he must be held responsible, this is not why we supported him! If we wanted this, then we would have supported Hillary Clinton!

Rex Tillerson also said in another speech that “Clearly, Russia has failed in its responsibility to deliver on that commitment to supervise the surrender of those chemical weapons. Either Russia has been complicit or simply incompetent in its ability to deliver.” the secretary of state said. Shouldn’t someone remind Tillerson that the America supervised the disposal of those weapons as well?

The Doctor of Common Sense also opposes the war and brought an interesting argument. He said that this must be a false flag because Assad wasn’t even supposed to have any chemical weapons left. Remember when Obama was ready to go to war in Syria then finally decided not to after with the help of the international community, Assad destroyed all his chemical weapons stocks. Interesting, everybody seems to have forgotten that:

Do you know WHO is applauding this and who is cheering this war? Neocons John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Democrats, antifa scumbags on Twitter, the Liberal media and the Jews of course since they’ve been calling for Assad regime change for years now. This only goes to show who Trump really is.

First Mike Flynn, then Steve Bannon… now this!

It is over! Trump is just another globalist. He is the biggest lie ever. The worst traitor in living memory. He has the NERVE to tweet about rebuilding the country before he turns it into a radioactive wasteland. Trump’s train just derailed. Only he could do it. Showing his true colors.

This is just America going to Syria to finish what ISIS couldn’t do. Who is going to replace Assad? ISIS? Didn’t Trump used to say during his campaign that “we can’t fight both sides at the same time” and yet this is exactly what he’s doing now, fighting ISIS and Assad at the same time.

Here at the EUTimes we’ve warned about Donald Trump’s strange behavior almost since his first days in office but no one listened. Everyone called us insane and rushing to judgement but we were right! AGAIN! We felt there is something wrong with Trump when no one else did. We dared to ask the questions: why appoint Nikki Haley? Why continue to support Paul Ryan? Why not punish Madonna for calling to blow up the White House? Why not open investigations into the media for their collusion with Hillary Clinton during the campaign? Why this, why that??? We’ve asked the questions but you didn’t want to hear it, you told us that he’s only in for a month, then it was 2 months and that we should give him more time…

Well here you are despite being in for only a couple of months, it is not too soon to start wars. Yet its too soon to fix America! He needs more time to build the wall, he needs more time to stop the Muslims from invading America, he needs more time to drain the swamp, yet he doesn’t need more time to go to war! If you still can’t see the truth, then you are blind and you need a pair of glasses.

What is the difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama at this point? Or George Bush? None!

Despite this horrible war which we oppose, we are not yet prepared to fully unendorse Donald Trump but we are very disappointed and disgusted with politics. It seems that no one can be trusted.

UPDATE: #FireKushner hashtag is now trending on Twitter as more and more people are realizing who is pulling the strings at the White House:


Prominent nationalists are pushing the hashtag:


According to a Drudge Report poll, Donald Trump lost only 20% of his supporters because of the war but this is enough to prevent his re-election in 2020:

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6 Responses to " Donald Trump Betrays his Voters, Unendorsed by Everyone after Syria War "

  1. angrywhiteman says:



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    • Lone Ranger says:

      Is this Trump even the same Trump?, look at the first picture he looks 10years younger.
      And he is doing the exact opposite of what he promised.

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      • Padpaw22 . says:

        funny that’s exactly what happened with president elect Obama, and president Obama. A complete 180 shift in what they claimed to stand for. Only this time it took about 2-3 months longer to happen.

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  2. MidnightSkulker says:

    All Trump’s burned supporters should slam him for this unmercifully everywhere they can: make damn sure the jew/Pentagon ape-surrounded fool knows we’re enraged almost to the point of sh!tcanning him; then, if he does it again, make the final break.

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  3. sheri says:

    Well, I must apologize for my last comment. After a bit more fact searching, it turns out that you are right again especially about Jared Kushner, I just didn’t want to believe it. Syria chemical bombing – just another false flag. If McCain is endorsing Trump’s bombing then you know something is rotten in Washington DC. (Most everything really.) Betrayed is a good word for how Trump has repayed his supporters who helped him get elected.

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  4. Padpaw22 . says:

    So trump threw his supporters under the bus for the support of the people that have been calling for him to be assassinated for the last 6+ months.

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