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Disqus vows to Censor Alt-Right "Toxic Comments" starting with Breitbart

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After Facebook, Disqus the biggest company that hosts online comments has clients with content and conversations ranging in nature from mainstream and moderate to fringe and radicals including those on white supremacist, Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal. Those latter sites have put Disqus and its young CEO Daniel Ha under intense pressure from Marxist communists. Disqus says it has new polices and tech to cut down on what it calls “toxic comments” although much of what the company has proposed is still just a set of rough concepts.

In the past, Disqus touted tools for moderators to police their own website discussions, but not all moderators moderate their websites. Breitbart News, for instance, is awash in racist, anti-Semitic, sexist, and sometimes violent comments. Disqus has just announced some new ways it hopes might help rid the web of lousy moderators. Starting today, readers will be able to report directly to Disqus sites that host conversations that they think violate Disqus’s terms of service which for instance, prohibit “intimidation of users.”

While giving up on your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages is almost impossible due to possible traffic loss, Disqus on the other hand has no value whatsoever and is simply equal to zero. Websites can just remove Disqus and host comments on their own server so not really sure what Disqus is trying to do here but many will just remove them and they will loose thousands of users.

We have always been FOR free speech and allowed all opinions and thoughts from all peoples of the world. If one’s speech is offensive to another, in today’s twisted world its called “hate speech” but if you ban offensive speech, then there is no free speech. The notion of “hate speech” is in direct conflict with free speech. You can’t have both at the same time, it’s either free speech or censored speech because of “hate speech”.

Giving credence to this moronic hate speech thing has no limits. First it was considered hate speech when someone openly talked about race, then it extended to religion and then we entered the Twilight Zone, sexual preference, women, fatness and even politics. What’s next? Food? Vegans are gonna start calling meat-eaters “hate speech” when they say they love stake?

Now with this said, should we continue to use Disqus or should we switch to our own platform? Please leave a comment below. We will read it and take your opinions into consideration.

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