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Bernie Sanders: It's Stupid and Dangerous to Prioritize Jobs Over Climate Change

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Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders told CNN Thursday that it’s ‘stupid and dangerous’ to prioritize jobs over environmental issues such as climate change and fossil fuels.

The Democrats will continue to lose support if they think that climate change is more important than jobs.

We all care about keeping the earth clean, however; Americans are more concerned about having jobs in order to keep their families safe and secure.


When Wolf Blitzer asked Bernie Sanders what he thought about President Trump’s sweeping executive order which curbs the federal government’s enforcement of climate regulations, putting jobs above climate change, he responded with this:

Bernie Sanders: “Wolf that is such a nonsensical and stupid and dangerous approach. It’s almost indescribable.”

The fact that this man got anywhere near the White House is very alarming.

Then again these Liberals will literally elect anyone who can push forward their unrealistic and financially bankrupt policies.


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  • rh2

    It’s Stupid and Dangerous to be Bernie Sanders, and depressing to think that he isn’t the only Borderline Idiot in Congress . Another one would be Nancy Pelosi. Al Franken also qualifies. These are the more prominent ones, but there many others sucking up valuable space and taxpayers’ money.

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  • LarryNC

    I wish that colonel sanders would just shut the hell up. Everyone is in such a panic over Russia right now, well, Sanders is the big fan of the Soviet Union and Communism.

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  • taxpayer22

    Did the Socialist say this from his second or third house ?

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