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Women are weak, smaller and less intelligent than men: Polish MEP

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The greatest living politician, some old guy from Poland, Janusz Korwin-Mikke who is also a Member of the European Parliament, has dropped a bomb in the European Parliament, calling out the idiocy of “women are equal to men.”

He said:

Do you know which was the place in the Polish theoretical physics olympiad, the first place of women, for girls? I can tell you – 800. Do you know how many women are in the first hundred of chess players? I tell you – no one. And of course, women must earn less than men, because they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent and they must earn less. And that’s all.

That was his entire statement.

He just went up on stage to say this.

The man is right and he deserves some sort of prize for having the balls to say this in this day of age when debauchery runs rampant.

Shortly after his speech, a woman MEP stood up to confront him, saying that according to his “theory” which is a fact not a theory, she shouldn’t have a right to be there. Well yes indeed, she shouldn’t be there. Women shouldn’t be allowed to have leading political roles as according to their BIOLOGICAL functions they are emotion driven, not reason driven like men.

These are just obvious facts. Women are simply not as capable as men at anything really and exist pretty much for the sole purpose of bearing children. That is their biological function either you believe in God and the Genesis story or you’re an evolutionist. They still have the same obvious purpose.

The “liberation” of women – read: the artificial propping-up of women through affirmative action “equality” programs – has led to the collapse of our society. Upon the women’s revolution was based the sex revolution, the race revolution, the homo revolution, the immigration revolution, the abortion revolution and every possible society degradation you can think of. Now groups like FEMEN are walking around on streets protesting naked. Women are definitely out of control.

This is exactly why our society is going to toilet because we are the only race of people on Earth who allowed their women to take over men’s roles. East Asia is following suit, also propping up women on top of men but not with our light speed. While women need to continue to be free as we don’t want to emulate the Arab world where women are considered less than dogs, we still need to set some boundaries and to understand the differences between the two sexes.

Women supported these things because they are weak and stupid and easily manipulated by the globalists.

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