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US Reporter goes to Sweden No-Go Zone gets Stalked by Masked Men needs Police Escort

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Following the fallout when the media claimed Trump was insane for saying Sweden was having a problem, independent and non-partisan journalist Tim Pool from Chicago, Illinois traveled to Sweden to examine what was going down in that state. He’s made several videos, but his latest is the doozy.

While in the immigrant-ridden Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby – considered to be a no-go zone, which is something the media claims does not exist – Swede cops had to escort Pool and his female sidekick out of the neighborhood because they were being stalked by masked Islamic jihadis.

Funny, getting escorted out of a place that doesn’t exist.

He’s been doing a regular YouTube vlog, most of the content of which is benign, but the amount of thought he puts into his approach is fascinating.

Before traveling to Sweden, he made a video explaining that he was going without any preconceived notions, and that he would simply report what he found.

Well, what he found was that he got stalked by a mob of masked jihadis. And finding that, makes you a Nazi. Non-Nazis simply don’t come across such information. Its only a matter of time now for Tim Pool to be called a Racist Nazi White Supremacist Islamophobe Xenophobe Xenomorph Necromorph Space Alien Reptilian Nephilim from Planet Nibiru and other childish silly names.

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