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Trump's watered down Immigration Law Banned by Hawaii judges is a Chinese plot

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Chin & Chuang are teaming up against Trump’s immigration law!

U.S. District Judge Theodore D. Chuang issued a ruling early Thursday, using Trump’s own comments against him in deciding the ban was likely unconstitutional. Chuang’s ruling won’t upend or call into question the decision in Hawaii, instead offering some measure of reinforcement. Theodore D. Chuang is of Chinese descent, his name is of Chinese origin.

Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin who is also a Chinese immigrant, made arguments to block President Trump’s travel ban before Federal Judge Derrick K. Watson who is also half native Hawaiian and half Chinese. Even though it doesn’t explicitly say on his Wikipedia page that he is Chinese, he is put under “American jurists of Asian descent” category.

So let me get this straight, first we’ve got a bunch of Jewish judges from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals blocking Trump’s immigration law, now we’ve got 3 Asians? Theodore D. Chuang, Derrick K. Watson and Douglas Chin are all Asian. Perhaps its time to make America white again, as leftists were claiming anyway.

Judge Derrick K. Watson

So why would the Chinese want to stop America’s immigration laws? Well its quite simple, they have already fully invaded the Western part of America, California in particular and in time they are planning to completely conquer at least a part of America just like the Mexicans are. Remember Aztlan? And this law is preventing them from imperialist plans. And no this is not some conspiracy. Take a look at Africa. The Chinese have already conquered vast parts of Africa. Take a look at this article and take note that this is from 2008, 9 years ago. Today it’s much worse!

As you can see all of these non-white judges are conspiring against America and against the US president’s immigration laws. What is the oath of office?? Well it starts like this: “I, ….., do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Now if this isn’t a Jewish and Chinese communist conspiracy against America, then I don’t know what is. These people are acting like foreign agents.

This ladies and gentlemen is a classic example of domestic enemies. These judges are the enemies of the United States of America and they need to be removed and deported to China and Israel or wherever they came from! Imagine sending a white man to China as a judge who then starts blocking Xi Jinping’s laws. Haha the Chinese would publicly execute him immediately. They would be like, who the hell do you think you are white boy, coming here to my country blocking the president’s laws?

U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson froze the order on Wednesday after the state filed a lawsuit against the president’s revised order last week.

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