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Swedish Couple Killed, Throats Slit, Muslim Migrant Suspects Just Sat and Laughed

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Police launched a double murder investigation after a couple was found stabbed to death in Sundbyberg.

The Muslim migrant suspects just sat and laughed after their arrest.

Police cordons in Hallonbergen on Tuesday.

Spiesa reported, via Reddit:

A double murder in Hallonbergen on Tuesday, was carried out to silence a witness before a trial. One of the victims, a woman, had her throat cut, said a police source to Nyheter Idag.

– The carotid artery was cut off on both sides of the neck of the woman.

– It was fu@king brutal. Both dead were stabbed. The woman in the apartment had her throat cut. When the police came to the scene they opened fire at a person. He sat beside the man and stabbed with a knife when police fired at him, but missed, said the source.

The murdered couple were the parents of small children. According to reports in the media who have spoken with sources within the police, murder can be a way to silence witnesses before a trial. The reports state that there may be a link to an earlier murder in Stockholm, where one of the parents may have been a witness.

“They sat and laughed”

Just an hour after the double murder, police arrested four people. Two young men, 20 and 21 years old. The other two boys, 15 and 16 years old. The 15-year-old boy was released after questioning. Prosecutors Olof Calmvik tells Aftonbladet that the suspicions against the 15-year-old was weakened after questioning.

When the boys were arrested, they showed absolutely no remorse or understanding of what had happened, explains the source in the police to Nyheter Idag.

– They were very stoned when they were brought in. They sat and laughed and were really stoned. It turns one’s stomach when you know they are out on the streets again in a maximum of two years…

…All have non-Western names. I know that one is African. I think the rest have a background in the Middle East or North Africa, said the source.


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2 Responses to " Swedish Couple Killed, Throats Slit, Muslim Migrant Suspects Just Sat and Laughed "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    I hope liberalnazis are enjoying themselves now…
    Just a few days ago I posted on this site that native Swedes should flee swedistan as long as they can because their country is no more, their govt are made up of traitors whom dont care, swedes are being raped and killed on a daily basis, and without guns and a will to fight they have zero chance to retake their country, they are dodo birds and the only option they have is to leave to a safe country somewhere in eastern europe, thats what happens if you let arabs and blacks in your country.

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    • Perfidious Albion bent & broke says:

      The usual suspects…. Barbara Lehner Spectre on the end of Kissinger`s leash.

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