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Scientists reveal MILK as being Racist and Trump is to Blame

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US scientists have revealed that the ordinary cow milk which is considered necessary in any human’s diet for its rich source of calcium, is racist. Leftists are now also pushing the idea that milk is racist for being white. And no this isn’t a joke, this is real science.

The scientists however never said that milk is racist for being white, according to them it’s racist because biologically at least 75% of African Americans (black people) are lactose intolerant and might not need any milk at all.

But wait, what??? I thought the same liberals were saying that race isn’t real, race is just a social construct and a color, nothing more. This study proves that there’s more to it than just a social construct as Africans are biologically programmed not to require any milk or other dairy products at all in their diet.

Could there be more biological differences to us humans than just milk? Like intelligence and IQ for example? Naah! We’re all the same, color means nothing, we are all daltonists unable to distinguish colors, living in the woods, smoking pot, having kumbaya!

You do know that the Golden African jackal is a “very distinct species” from the Asian jackal as the lunatic liberals say, but there’s no difference among humans, nope! We are exactly the same!

The Washington Times wrote an article in which they say “Milk is the new symbol of racism in Donald Trump’s America”. So it’s not only milk is now racist, it’s Donald Trump’s fault as well.

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