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Mike Cernovich meets South African, finds out about the Genocide, vows to Help

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While prominent figures in the alternative right have been barking about the ongoing genocide in South Africa for years now, the moderate, softer version of the alternative right, are just discovering it. For them, it’s something new, for others it’s something old, even abandoned and seen as hopeless.

Back in 2009-2010, when opposition leader Eugène Terre’Blanche was still alive, there were plenty of internet blogs such as Uhuru Guru’s South Africa Sucks blog, reporting on the brutal daily lives whites had to endure in South Africa as minorities, but as years went on and the genocide degree kept raising higher and higher, and their leader Eugene died, people eventually gave up and accepted their inevitable future. You barely hear of South Africa these days, not because the situation has improved but because no one cares anymore.

Opposition against this in SA is now at its lowest so it’s great and most welcoming that people like Mike Cernovich are reviving the issue. Who knows maybe it will go viral again if others such as Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Mark Dice, etc pick up on it.

The good part is that the white South Africans (Afrikaners) are not obligated to live there. They do have not one but THREE countries where they can flee to. 2 EU countries: Hungary and Bulgaria and one non-EU country near Russia: Georgia.

If they still choose to remain in SA as a minority despite all the issues they face then its their loss.

At minute 29:45 of the first video, Mike mentioned that he wanted to talk to Stefan Molyneux and give South Africans a bigger platform and a voice to spread their message. Mike vowed to help spread the message of what white South Africans have to endure under black leadership. So this sounds promising.

Here’s the interview with Mike Cernovich and Simon Roche of suidlanders.org

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2 Responses to " Mike Cernovich meets South African, finds out about the Genocide, vows to Help "

  1. TheCogitator says:

    Unfortunately, the differences between the races go way beyond skin color. Sub-Saharan Africans have never been able to build a civilization, and are not able to maintain one built for them. Their intelligence is far lower than white people, in fact it is far lower than American blacks. Truth may be painful, but it’s still the truth.

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  2. Lucifer Morningstar says:

    As the county sinks into the tribal savagery it was dragged out of by the Boors. The followers of Mandela will build their Swiss bank accounts and the dumb kaffers will starve… This is known as “Bad Luck”.

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