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Mass Effect: Andromeda Designed by Racist Indian, Worst Game of the Series

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Video games were so good back in the 1980s and 1990s. This was before the industry became fully commercialized and infiltrated with political correctness. At that time most of the best stuff was developed in Japan then translated and sold over in the United States and Europe.

Starting in the early 2000s there was a growing trend of game producers seeking licenses to make games based off of Hollywood films. They spent so much money on getting expensive licenses that they neglected pouring resources into actually developing a decent game. That’s about the time that I started to get jaded with the state of the industry. I was also becoming more interested in what was happening in the real world as nothing that was happening made sense to me following the 9/11 attacks.

Apparently the gaming industry got progressively worse with things like #GamerGate in the 2010s as feminism and SJW ideologies began to seep into the game making process.

With that said, there still have been some good games released here and there since the 32-bit/64-bit era. Apparently the Mass Effect Sci-Fi RPG series released in the late 2000s was among them.

Next week, the latest game in the series called Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to be released. Bioware developed it but EA is publishing it. The game is already getting panned for lousy character animations but PewDiePie revealed something even weirder about the game in his recent video. All of the templates for playable female characters look like a bunch of ugly spawns from hell, most of whom are Asian, African and mixed race. They are not even beautiful Asians… They are ugly round-faced feminists.

Most of his criticism is around the worthless animations but he hilariously compares the character templates of Mass Effect Andromeda to the beautiful white characters in the latest Final Fantasy game. It illustrates the point of how stupid the template selections were.

Mass Effect is so awful that they even throw fake punches not to offend those precious SJW snowflakes but then you go on and shoot your firearm anywhere and spill brains on the walls everywhere, get eaten alive by monsters and so on. So how stupid and annoying is this? Fake punch? Why because he’s black? So what? Are they some kind of special protected class? Even character walking, lip movement and facial expression is awful.

Just look at Sara in Mass Effect Andromeda (LEFT) and in Mass Effect 3 (RIGHT). Can you believe Andromeda which is released in 2017, now in the age of DirectX12 has these awful mutant graphics? What a sorry excuse of a game.

And developers are still wondering why torrents exist and why many people choose to download the games for free instead of spending money on them. Its because of titles like this one, that’s why they exist and as long as awful titles are released they will continue to exist because people will only want to spend money in awesome games which are worth keeping and adding to their personal collection. Sure many people will play this game, either for free or for money but how many will keep this game in their game collection and how many will throw the discs away after they finish?

This made me curious about who was involved with the game’s development. It seemed odd that the only templates they’d offer are a bunch of disgusting mongrels with no real definitive racial characteristics.

Apparently some NW Indian (Punjab) man named Manveer Heir who refers to himself as King Curry Thunder on Twitter played a huge role in the game’s development. He’s previously posted numerous messages expressing his hatred of White people. This seems to explain the bizarre template selection for characters. You can reach him @manveerheir if you’d like to say hello to him.

Here’s a few of his Tweets:

“A white person being called ‘racist’ is the closest they’ll ever get to being called ‘nigger’. It upsets them so much. #stillnotclosethough”

“White people telling me they are color-blind to race remains hilarious. Oh yes, please tell me how you don’t notice color any more!” well he is right with this one, we do sound like bunch of babies scared to “offend” the invading hoards of migrants when we say that. Are we daltonists? How can we say we are color-blind? Don’t we realize how moronic that sounds?

“Some people think America’s past-time is baseball, but it’s actually protecting white fragility”

“Three links on why minorities making white people jokes isn’t racist” Ohh it isn’t? Then we should start joking about you monkeys as well. There’s plenty of subject matter there.

“Prejudice against white people” can’t be a serious thing you are claiming. They don’t even approach the same league of awfulness.”

“LRT: More #whitefoolishness. Racism is a thing that totally hampers white lives! HOW HAVE I IGNORED THE PLIGHT OF THE WHITE MAN FOR SO LONG”

“I’m officially following 1000 people now. I think I’m going to spend part of today clearing out who I follow, specifically white men” Its good when those white men allow you to live in their countries, give you jobs and buy your crappy products though, don’t they?

“Funny how only white people who benefit from systematic advantages their race affords them ever say “We are all just people” #whitefoolishness” Again you are free to return to India! No one is keeping you from leaving!

“The real terrorists are already on American soil and they are white” Unbelievable! How do we put up with this kind of BS? He is a GUEST in America! If a guest misbehaves in your house, don’t you throw him out? Why isn’t anyone throwing this guy out? Why is he making games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and actually negatively influences our culture to the benefit of his own?

“@ErnestWAdamsin the same way men can benefit from shutting up & just listening to women’s issues, white people can benefit from shutting up” This is what you get you see? They want us to be silent and preferably extinct altogether so they can take over. Multiculturalism is a failure and we should deport each and every single one of them, both illegal and legal non-white migrants.

“I got 99 problems but worrying that white people think I’m racist against white people ain’t one HIT ME”

and plenty of other similar tweets which we obviously not going to post all of them here.

Listen up Indian boy, we all know how some of you superiour Indians like to sh*t in the streets then wipe with your left hands. If you believe we whites are so bad and evil then what the hell are you doing living among us? Go back to India where no one is oppressing you!

Not only do we need to organize a boycott of this game, we need to do everything we can to get this White hating monkey fired from his job. Spread the word about this. Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to be released next week. If we can hurt the game’s sales, Bioware’s upper management might be more inclined to fire this Indian piece of thrash.

Of course, it is also very possible that the game itself sucks and won’t generate good sales any way. After all, if they have Indians like Manveer Heir working on the game it can’t be that great!

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