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Marine Le Pen tells Reporter the Media is Fake News

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Marine Le Pen pulled a Trump on a French reporter on Tuesday.

The outspoken nationalist politician accused the liberal media in France of peddling fake news.

The mainstream reporter accused the internet of carrying fake news. Le Pen threw it back in her face.

Reporter: “On the Internet, you can find conspiracy theories, all types of things, it’s not necessarily verified information.”

Marine Le Pen: “Don’t you think that the traditional media have conspiracy theories? I’ve read a ton of things about Russia intervening in the presidential campaign and other things like that – I mean there is at least as much fake news in the traditional media as on the Internet!”

No wonder the elites hate her!

The answer was fantastic however she could have given a even better answer just like Trump could have. When the dinosaur press says that it’s “dangerous to slam the media” both Le Pen and Trump SHOULD have replied: “Why is it dangerous? Dangerous for WHO exactly? Maybe it’s dangerous for YOU guys because you’re soon gonna be left without a job as the mainstream media collapses but as far as I and the people are concerned, you may have a very warm pleasant bankruptcy, we couldn’t care less, it’s definitely NOT dangerous for US, the people. In fact you guys overestimate yourselves, you are just a private corporation, NOT some authority or state institution, you seriously have a ego issue! If you are no longer good in what you do, then someone else will replace you. So happy bankruptcy! Its not like we’re gonna be left without news, nope, someone else will come and replace you.”

Damn I would give anything to watch one of those 2, Trump or Le Pen give such an answer to the media…


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One Response to " Marine Le Pen tells Reporter the Media is Fake News "

  1. drbhelthi says:

    Marine Le Pen is aware of the fake news media. Six companies control 96% of ALL western world media. The six companies are owned by a double-handful of very rich, elite Jewish families. They continue their defamation campaign against president Trump and all on-line bloggers whose comments do not support their Bush-CIA-Clinton-Obama-DNC attempted coup détat of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. To discover the identity of the CEOs of the six companies, search the Internet with the phrase, tapnewswire 96 .

    Several on-line news, home-pages have sprung up since the election of president Trump. They are staffed by stooges of the families that own the 96% of western world media. They deceitfully mix accurate, hard-fact information with political propaganda, fulfilling their motto, “By way of deception shalt thou do war”. The four (4) percent independent news media
    are the only sources of consistently reliable, politically-oriented information. However, any home-page that advertises itself as “independent news media” is a stooge of the 96%.

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