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Marine Le Pen Getting YUGE Crowds, She Will Win in a Landslide

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FREXIT Is Coming!

Marine Le Pen is enjoying spectacular and excited Trump-like crowds in France.

Here is Marine Le Pen at a recent rally.

The French public is responding to Le Pen’s nationalist campaign.

She will win and she will win in a landslide and the EU bureaucrats who are denying their dictatorship will be shamed even further. They think that the people are stupid peasants like in the 1800s or 1900s.

Newsflash EU liberals, its 2017, there’s a thing called the internet. Your days are numbered. You lost UK and now you will loose France and the Netherlands. You sacks of scum are trying to hurt Le Pen legally now but just you try to have her arrested and there’s war, not a verbal war because we’re tired of that, but a physical war strait to Brussels, with street protests. So don’t even try, the French are already angry and fed up.

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  • Darko714

    Donald Trump will be first to congratulate her.

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