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London struck by terrorists near UK parliament, people rammed with car, cop stabbed

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As the Western mainstream media is obsessing with the alien Russian spaceships invading planet Earth (US elections in particular), Muslims who are also known as international peace keepers, struck a peaceful terrorist attack in London, ramming 2 people with a car and stabbing others in front of the UK parliament with chocolate knives, spreading peace and love among the evil racist Britons.

CNN is saying that it was just a “firearms incident”, now who cares? Let’s move along people! Nothing to see here, let’s get back to those pesky Russian far-right wing spaceships. CNN also vaguely mentioned that a policeman was stabbed during the “firearms incident”.

As of now the British authorities are refusing to make public the identity of the attackers though they will eventually, as witnesses have already took it to Twitter and Facebook to tell the world that they were all….. surprise! Evil pay-tri-archy white males! The attack has nothing to do with Izlem! So its completely safe, we should continue to bring more.

As usual the authorities are coming out with their typical line “exact motivations behind the vehicle and knife attacks outside Parliament in London remain unclear” even though its quite clear that the attacks are obviously a celebration of the Brussels attacks as this “firearms incident” happened on 1st anniversary of Brussels bombings.

We remind our readers that this is not an evil plot, it was just a peaceful manifestation from Islam, the religion of peace and love.

Here’s a photo of the attacker, as you can see he looks Swedish, he’s a white male.

A closeup of the man who is carefully being taken care of by the medical staff you see at the scene. This is total proof that he is innocent and it has nothing to do with Izlem! Otherwise they wouldn’t try to heal him and keep him alive!!!!

Here’s an actual video of the attack!

In case you didn’t get it by now, parts of the story were just a satire meant to make fun at liberals who are always finding excuses to bring in more refugees.

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