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Junker says he's not a Dictator, wants to consult the people, Parliament orders him to be a dictator

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In a stunning move, for the first time, self-appointed EU president Jean-Claude Juncker said that he is not a dictator and that he wants to listen to the people and to the path that the EU needs to take. He proposed 5 different scenarios and pathways where he wants the people of EU to weight in and vote. He did this to prevent total collapse of the EU, following Brexit. However his proposal has been met with fierce criticism from eurocrat MEPs, telling Junker that he is the supreme leader, the dictator in chief and that he should do whatever he pleases and that the stupid European peasants should just follow. Shocking simply shocking! Well a severe step backwards from his otherwise decent plan, was to go on a witch-hunt over Le Pen and scheming to stop her from being elected in France. This is why the EU cannot be saved and will eventually collapse, because its a dictatorship with too much foreign meddling. You cannot prevent Frexit by sabotaging Le Pen. The people see right through it and are disgusted with it.

Here at the European Union Times, we strongly oppose any collapse or disintegration of the EU. After all our name is the EU Times! However, the EU needs to change, it needs to stop importing the hoards of migrants both legal and illegal into our ancient homeland. These people pose a severe existential threat to the European people, culture, religion and ethnicity. They will replace us in time if we don’t stop them. This is pure genocide.

With that said if the EU remains European as its name is, THE EUROPEAN UNION, not EURO-ARAB-AFRICAN-INDIAN-ASIAN UNION (through immigration), then the EU is strongly needed. After all let’s not forget that both World Wars started in Europe over territorial disputes and imperialism. A third World War would also mean our genocide but a third world war could only occur in a divided Europe, not in a united Europe. So we basically have a choice between two genocide scenarios. And this is exactly what the people want as well, but they are scared to openly talk about it out of fear of being called racists. Just a few years ago before when blacks, Arabs and others invaded Europe, no one ever even thought about exiting the EU. Heck people were really excited about the EU and more wanted to join. It all perfectly coincides. As soon as the hoards of non-European invaders were allowed in, Euroscepticism came to life. Lately it seems that people are willing to try the other genocidal route, the one of a divided Europe that will always be at risk of war and understandably so, after all genocide within the EU is unavoidable as millions of brown invaders continue to pour in every single freaking day until we all get replaced in our own continent, countries, cities, villages, neighborhoods and even houses.

So, Eurocrats, you wanna stop and prevent the EU from totally collapsing? Then heed our words, we want you to put an immediate halt to the invasion of our sacred continent with hoards of pagans and non-Europeans and deport the tens of millions who have already invaded us! Officially recognize our WHITE European Christian heritage. Socially and economically you may do as you wish, you may approach whatever tactics you want, liberal, socialist, nationalist, conservative, whatever BUT racially and religiously you must never try to undermine the roots of the native Europeans no matter what political ideology holds the majority in the EU parliament. This is sort of like in Japan or South Korea. Racially and religiously, all parties are the same, none dispute the cultural, racial and religious identity of Japan or South Korea. The only difference between left and right is their economic plan. Something which we also need in Europe if you want to prevent the EU from collapsing.

Check this excerpt from the Daily Express:

He told a sitting of the European Parliament in Brussels yesterday that he was “not a dictator” and that the time when eurocrats could simply issue lofty decrees on hugely important political decisions was over.

Mr Juncker pointed out that Brussels had been repeatedly criticised for pressing ahead with sweeping reforms without consulting the public, and that given the project’s popularity crisis the time had come for a new approach.

But some MEPs were amazingly left unsatisfied by the listening exercise, saying that as EU boss he does not need to ask voters for their opinions and instead should express a preference on which path to follow and actively press ahead with it.

Can you believe this sh*t? These MEPs are basically encouraging Junker to be a dictator. And they still don’t understand why Euroscepticism is out of control…

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One Response to " Junker says he's not a Dictator, wants to consult the people, Parliament orders him to be a dictator "

  1. rh2 says:

    Nothing is going to stop the anti-democratic EU from total collapse. It’s only a matter of time before that will happen, but happen it will! Too many bad decisions by the ruling elite is making its disintegration inevitable. The clincher was Frau Merkel’s invitation to the Muslim world to send all its savages to Europe. Now the continent is being overrun by the destructive Allah Trash, and Europeans have had enough. They are turning to nationalist, patriotic parties to give them back their homelands and deport all of Merkel’s unassimilable aliens ( while punishing the traitorous Frau and her EU collaborators).

    Europe will be saved from the Muslim plague by staunch patriots such as Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orban, Geert Wilders, and other ones waiting in the wings. Count on it!

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