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It is our Right to Influence and Control America with the Media: Dershowitz

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Alan Dershowitz recently held a speech at the StandWithUs pro-Israel lobby group, to lecture his Jewish listeners that they shouldn’t be apologetically denying their strength and their power because its their right to be rich, powerful and manipulate the world. He went on to say that they earned this right to influence what the people think through the use of mainstream media.

In his recent address to the ultra-Zionist and war-mongering StandWithUs lobby group, Alan Dershowitz said:

“People say Jews are too powerful, we’re too strong, we’re too rich, we control the media, we’ve too much this, we’ve too much that and we often apologetically deny our strength and our power. Don’t do that, don’t do that! We have earned the right to influence public debate!”

Dershowitz then later went on to point out that “his people” always used their strength and influence to promote peace, but have they? StandWithUs itself is also a war-mongering group so isn’t it ironic to say how they used their power to promote peace while speaking at war-mongering organization?

AIPAC, the strongest Israeli lobby group in America never advocated for peace, in fact they strongly pushed for random Middle East wars more than every other foreign lobby groups combined.

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  • DenisetheCelt

    All Jews go to Israel. Get out of my lands.

    • Canon Fodder{Matthew 21:12}

      This would be amazing, just go into the sunset leave us to rule ourselves!

  • Little John

    Just keep it up a little longer.

  • Naps22

    Alan Dershowitz is a pedophile who supports porn as “free speech” and also was the one who defended oj Simpson and made trial all about race.

    Someone needs to tell this twat it is not because Jews are in power they are criticized, it is what they do when they are in power.

  • Lone Ranger

    I hate when people like this troll think tehy are smart when they really have an IQ of around 80, no intelligent man would say things like that, especially not in public, that idiot is a renfield type and papa soreass is dracula.

    • John Huntsman

      Why not. His people have won. There is nothing that you can do about it. You are less than dirt.

      • Lone Ranger

        Are you one of them or are you a libtard cuck…?
        According to military doctrine you arent defeated till you admit your defeat, aside from that globalists are losing bigtime in recent months, alt-right is rising, Trump is President, their proxy jihadi war is failing, rapefugees are getting stopped in Eastern-Europe…
        Trump that :)

        • Canon Fodder{Matthew 21:12}

          {{{They}}} control the money flow, politicians and the media etc only way they can be defeated is a bloody civil war!

        • Ken Rose

          I have a problem with the term “Alt-Right.” We have a Patriotic Nationalist Right Already. We just need to purge the RINOs and Cuckservatives out.We don’t need to be Alt anything! The “True Right,” perhaps!

  • J. Russell.

    Burning Bridges with the goyim isn’t a smart idea.

  • Canon Fodder{Matthew 21:12}

    Wow the chutzpah on this guy and they wonder why ‘antisemetism’ is on the rise? Well this goyim isn’t going to mince words a spade is a spade, jews are parasites that need removed from our power structures right now!


  • Schlomo Goldstein

    Alan NOOOOOO! Remember the Protocols! You are risking our Final Solution to the Goyim Question!

  • roxtoto

    peace to the jews means the destruction of everything and everyone

  • Feriss.H

    There is ONLY ONE solution for Zionist AshkeNAZI (Khazar) Jews, and it has been invented long time ago as a FINAL SOLUTION!

  • Sprickoló Tömegek

    For an antisemitic canard, the Protocols of Zion is really popular among the Jewish elite…

    • Vivienne

      Shows how dumb you are, this was a cranked up book to bring about the pograms, being that you are a Turk and probably a Muslim explains your uneducated remark about Jews.

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