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Israelis in Tel Aviv Scared to Leave Homes After African Migrant Violence

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Last week, a 29 year old illegal immigrant from Eritrea was charged with the attempted rape of an 80 year old woman in South Tel Aviv. The victim, in describing the attack, said “he beat me and dragged me across the floor.” Later in the week, a 40 year old woman was brutally raped near the Old Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv. The perpetrator is still on the loose.

Over the past few years, urban neighborhoods throughout Europe have been overtaken by refugees and illegal immigrant populations. Crime has risen, local populations have lost their sense of security, and areas have become no-go zones for police. South Tel Aviv is on the precipice of becoming like these European cities. Yet the media remains silent, and the ruling class are oblivious to the situation.

62% of Israeli citizens living in South Tel Aviv are afraid to leave their homes after dark as lawlessness has become the tragic reality. Meanwhile, the media turns a blind eye and remains silent.

Last week’s violent acts in South Tel Aviv are not sporadic instances, but tragically have become the norm. Last week, during a protest involving illegal immigrant groups, residents of South Tel Aviv and local police were ridiculed and berated by illegal immigrants who screamed ‘the police are ISIS’, ‘this is not your country’, ‘your country is sh-t’, ‘you are not a Jew’. Many police were needed to quell the demonstrations, which turned violent towards the end, as illegal immigrants began attacking residents filming the protest. In previous documented cases, illegal immigrants are seen hitting an elderly Israeli with a wood plank.

Sheffi Paz, a resident of South Tel Aviv and a leading activist against illegal immigration, has received death threats on her Facebook account on more than one occasion.

As in the case of Europe and America, regarding these Africans who are screaming “your country is sh*t”, the obvious question is, then why are you there? Why aren’t you staying home in Eritrea? Why are these people going to Israel so they can later complain of racism and start shouting that they don’t like their host country? It doesn’t make any sense.

If these things can happen in Tel Aviv then no place is safe anymore! Israel is basically an ethnostate, where Jewish people are banned by LAW to marry non-Jews, SO if these things are now happening in Israel… if Africans are now invading Israel as well and creating chaos…. then there is simply NO HOPE left for Europe and America. If not even Israel is able to contain these migrant invaders, then who will?

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  • Feriss.H

    QUOTE “… Why are these people going to Israel so they can later complain of racism … ”

    It’s not the point that this vermin is going to Israel; the point is how come Israelis are letting them in. Israel had built mighty wall, the wall of all walls, and it’s guarded, hence, how this intruders are coming in?

    Also many Israelis are armed, as far as I can say, as often they can be seen with automatic weapons strapped over shoulders and there is also military presence on the streets. Something here is unclear. We also know that influential American Jewry is behind multicultural agenda in the US and in the EU. Soros is fucking Jew, SPLC and ADL for instance are Jewish scoundrel nests that promote multiculturalism.

    WTF is going on, are Jews/Israelis too divided between their Libturds and Right? If yes, than time came that World Right unites against moronic Lefties and literally EXTERMINATE them like cockroaches. If it would take hundred millions or more of these Turders than let it be, let clean the planet from this lunatics.

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  • BooBooBaby

    Funny how Poor Unskilled/Low Skilled Uneducated 3rd World people are running and illegaly entering All Majority White Countries…..but yet they complain about Everything and want more from these Countries that they are illegaly in!
    They All need to be Deported/kicked out, otherwise they will turn these Beautiful White Countries into the same 3rd World crap that they left!

    They can take the White Guilt Bleeding heart Libtards with them…..and All the other Libtards also!

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  • drbhelthi

    Residents of Tel Aviv – and all of the occupied territory – should be frightened to even live in the UN land-grant of 1948, fraudulently named “Israel”. With the terrorist leadership of the land-grant, which is legally neither a nation or even principality, attacking Syria, which is a sovereign nation, thus insulting Russia, the concept of the land-grant of 1948 receiving a “glassing over” should not be entirely dismissed.

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  • Sara Haile


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