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Gavin McInnes Says Israel Visit Turning Him Anti-Semitic, Hours Later Denies Saying It

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Gavin McInnes who is widely regarded as the biggest cuck of the alt-right movement due to his bizarre behaviour, running around in underwears, stuffing things in his arse and last but not least always shilling for the “chosen ones”, is now saying that he’s becoming an Anti-Semite after visiting the Holocaust Museum in Israel.

Just a few hours later Gavin is already cucking hard on Twitter and on Youtube denying everything, denying that he ever said those things and that everything is out of context.

So first here’s a full transcript of what Gavin said, then read a small analysis:

It’s basically a brainwashing trip. I mean, I think the Jewish – the Israeli government paid for this and we had donors too but I think they were mostly Israelis who assumed we are gonna listen to all this shit we get fed. And that is having the reverse effect on me, I’m becoming anti-Semitic.

Like at the Holocaust museum. Or as I called it the [air quotes] “Holocaust museum.” No, I’m just kidding. [laughs] At one point the tour guide goes “you know and there are some people who think this didn’t happen.”

And I felt like – I felt defending the super far-right Nazis, just because of so much brainwashing, and I felt like saying “well, they never said it didn’t happen…” what they are saying is that it was much less than six million and that they starved to death. They weren’t gassed. That they didn’t have supplies. And they starved to death. They were horrible, and there were mass graves, and all the pictures are real and everything but um, uh, it wasn’t gassing.

I’m not saying it wasn’t gassing, please don’t take that clip out of context, but that’s what the far-right nuts are saying. Goddamn it too, they show this footage of dead bodies getting bulldozed – I mean, the most graphic footage you’ve ever seen. Children naked, women emaciated, being thrown in big piles [yuck].

But, there’s been a lot of genocides. Mao killed seventy million. This guy – I read about this guy that the Tsarnaev brothers are named after that killed 5% – he’s a Moslem he killed something like 5% of the Moslem population – Tsarnaev – anyway, uh, Stalin, you know with the Bolsheviks killed thirty million. But, the Russians don’t talk about that, they don’t even necessarily see it as a horrible thing.

Holodomor was Ukrainians, I think it was ten million Ukrainians that were killed, that was by Jews, that was by Marxist, Stalinist, Left-wing, commie, socialist Jews.

See what this fu**ing place is doing to me?

Even with the Nazis though, wasn’t the Treaty of Versailles, wasn’t that disproportionately influenced by Jewish intellectuals? And the Treaty of Versailles was the deal Germany got after World War One. It sucked, and Germans hated it, and they were basically told that they had to give all their money back to the allies, you know, to pay this undue penance for World War One.

And that sort of “you suck, you suck, you suck” and also having to pay – to give away all your money to taxes, makes white people mad. And, when they said that Jews are the ones that came up with this stupid plan, they said “well then, I hate Jews.”

And then you had the Nazi Party, and then you had World War Two and then you had six million Jews and you have the Holocaust Museum and you have this guy, who won’t stop – god, they’re so obsessed with the Holocaust. And yes, I know it was bad, don’t get me wrong. I’m not pro-Holocaust. That’d be funny in your Twitter bio if it just “pro-Holocaust.” [laughs] But, it’s a strange thing. It’s like a liberal thing, it’s arguably a white thing, but it’s a Jewish thing to sort of dwell on the past. And this whole nation-state is talking about [Israeli accent] “75 years ago my people were killed. Always the Jews, always killing us, we are the scapegoats.” Sorta getting Russian there.

And then you look at other countries, like Pol Pot and Cambodia and the massacres all over Polynesia and they talk about it like “yeah, that was some crazy times.” You know, North Korea they like Kim Jung-Un. And I don’t know if it’s healthy to dwell.

Gavin McInnes who has proven on numerous occasions how big of a light-weight he is, as Trump would say, is now saying that he’s becoming anti-Semitic. Well who’s ordering him to say that? His Jewish leader Ezra Levant?

In his video, Gavin mentioned the Holodomor where he said this: “Holodomor was Ukrainians, I think it was ten million Ukrainians that were killed, that was by Jews, that was by Marxist, Stalinist, Left-wing, commie, socialist Jews.”

Just hours later Gavin tweeted this to David Duke: F**k you. You’re talking about a clip out of context that includes the words, “Don’t take this out of context.” Stalin did it. Not Jews.

and this to Richard Spencer: Sorry, asshole. The Nazis are the “nutjobs” in this out-of-context clip. Versailles was int’l not Jews. Holodomor was Stalin not Jews.

In his original video, Gavin said had to say this about Versailles: wasn’t the Treaty of Versailles, wasn’t that disproportionately influenced by Jewish intellectuals?

Now he is denying everything, saying that everything is out of context. What context? There is no context. You can’t just say things, change your mind then claim its out of context. He wasn’t talking about a movie, a book or a dream he had. There is simply no context! He just changed his mind, maybe he was drunk when he said those things or probably got threatened by someone, perhaps he was just scared off by the SJW lash out he got on his social media page, who knows?

Gavin was and still is a hipster, just look at his glasses style, his beard, and his general look and choice of cloths. Feminists are now calling the nu-male phenomenon “cuckbois” and laughing at them which is a combination between the 2 words “cuckold” and “f**kboi”.

To make things worse, the Chapo Trap House back in 2016 did a Artistic Rendition of a Cuckboi, see below. Now if Gavin doesn’t look exactly like these guys, then who does?

Now should we want him saying those things or standing his ground after saying those things? We honestly couldn’t care less! This man is irrelevant to Europe or even to America. He is irrelevant to our nationalist and survivalist cause. We haven’t even heard of him up until recently. He can say whatever he wants to say and do whatever he wants, we simply don’t care. What we care for is people like Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Viktor Orban, Gabor Vona, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Frauke Petry, Norbert Hofer, Donald Trump and other similar people.

Is Gavin a cuck for not being a man who stands by his own words and who easily backtracks out of everything he says at the slightest pressure? What’s your opinion? Comment below.

Here’s another interesting review on this whole Gavin McInnes episode which is definitely worth watching:

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