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Dutch Fake News Media releases Fake Polls on the Eve of Election

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Bloomberg is now reporting that Geert Wilders is gonna lose the election. Yeah right, just like they predicted Trump would lose in America.

The prospect of Geert Wilders emerging as the winner of Wednesday’s Dutch election was thrown into doubt by two polls on the eve of voting that showed his anti-Islam, anti-European Union Freedom Party slumping to fifth place in one survey and third in another.

The final poll from I&O Research showed Wilders’s party on 16 seats in the 150-member lower house of parliament, down four seats from a survey released just the day before. The last Ipsos survey before the election gave the Freedom Party 20 seats, a drop of three from last week. Both polls showed Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s Liberals gaining three seats — to 27 and 29 respectively.


Turkey’s Erdogan has given the election to Wilders on a silver platter.

What timing that whole thing was. The Turkish sultan basically demonstrated to the entire country, the entirety of Europe, the whole world: “everything that Geert says is true.”

The Dutch Peilingwijzer website which tracks down six polling outlets says that VVD will likely gain between 24-28 seats, versus 19-22 that will most likely go to PVV. The Christian Democratic Appeal Party (CDA) and its leader Sybrand Buma are predicted to gain between 19-21 seats.

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