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Democrats Threaten to Impeach Russian Agent Trump

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) weighed in on the Russian conspiracy Friday on MSNBC.

The far left Democrat told the hosts the Attorney General Jeff Sessions “Russian connections” will lead to Trump’s impeachment.

Well this may very well just happen and be a realistic scenario since Trump is allowing these sort of things to happen. He talked the big talk but he’s not doing much to drain the swamp. So far not one single swamp creature has been drained unfortunately. Why isn’t he pushing the authorities to issue mass arrest warrants on pedophilia charges on the Clintons and Pizzagate its a complete mystery. Trump should have appointed Roger Stone in his administration and others like him not softies like Reince Priebus and make a complete power takeover from those Democrat traitors!

Trump may be a male lion but if he just stands there and watches, the hyenas will eventually impeach him. Lions only get respect when they stand up and maul left and right in a frenzy. Perhaps he should do a complete military takeover like Hitler did in Germany or Stalin in Russia of the Senate where even though he has the majority 51 to 49, he doesn’t because 2 cucks John McCrap and Weasel Graham are traitors and really just Democrat agents. So its actually the Democrats who have 51 to 49. He should just put all those traitors behind bars, then hold new senate elections with Trump loyalists running for senate. Illegals shouldn’t be allowed to vote. If he doesn’t do any of this then he will end up impeached like Nixon. He needs to take the bull by its horns.

The Democrats are striking hard, really hard while the Republicans aren’t doing anything. What a shame! Sorry to say this but Trump is too soft for these hyennas, he needs to get like at least 10 times harder on them, as hard as some of you may consider him a brutal dictator. After all why not? Look at what these vile hyenas and snakes are doing to him! Just look and say that this is normal! Can you say it? Were the Republicunts doing these things to Kenyan president Obama? Ohhh that’s right, Trump is a Russian agent but Obama wasn’t a Kenyan Muslim agent… No double standard here, nope nothing to see here people move along, “he’s black you can’t say anything about him or you’re a raysist!”

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One Response to " Democrats Threaten to Impeach Russian Agent Trump "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    If I were Trump I would order the special forces to invade the CIA HQ arrest everybody for High Treason just as every communist(democratic) party members who attacked him since he took office, traitors must be purged that simple.

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