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Color Revolution Beginning in Belarus, Hundreds Arrested at Illegal Protest

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Dozens of protesters have been detained following an unauthorized opposition protest, dubbed ‘Freedom Day,’ in Belarus’ capital, Minsk.

About 500 people attempted to reach the gathering point – the Belarus Academy of Sciences – but were blocked by police, RIA Novosti news agency reported.

They then gathered in a column and tried to pass along Independence Avenue, chanting “Long Live Belarus” and “Shame!” but were soon blocked again by police armed with shields, as photos posted on Twitter show. Police set up several cordons along Independence Avenue, encircling the crowd, Interfax West reported.

According to the news agency, the protesters were asked to disperse, but many refused to leave and police started making arrests.

Interfax West, citing its sources, reports that at least a hundred people have been detained.

Shortly before the start of the rally, police reportedly also detained employees of an unregistered human rights center called ‘Viasna’ (Spring) in their office. According to the center, about 57 of its staff were detained and taken to the Pervomaisky police department. One of the detainees told Interfax West that they had not been charged yet. I bet if we look into this Viasna (odly named similar to the Arab Spring) group, we will definitely find a George Soros money trail.

RIA Novosti reports several journalists from Belarusian and foreign media were also taken into custody which is quite good because these reporters representing fake news media, will then go on and bash the Belarusian government with news “reports” on how evil and oppressive it is for not allowing a color revolution to take place.

According to witness accounts, those arrested at the march were led to police wagons for identity checks, which then took them to the police station. No major disturbances have been reported, though a woman wrapped in a red and white flag (the old flag of Belarus), refused to go voluntarily and was carried to the police wagon – pictures posted on Twitter by witnesses showed. Of course, it also had to be the feminist women partaking in this.

Among the slogans that were heard during the march were “Off with the government!” “Wages to the people, shovels to the government,” and “Go away!” Many protesters are also using the word “basta”, a Spanish/Italian word for “enough”, as a slogan. Interesting they’re using a non-Russian word for their slogan.

It all started due to a $230 annual tax on people who are unemployed according to British media. The state wants to tax its citizens as a way to force them to go out, find a job and work.

While the law may sound interesting in theory, you can’t find a job if there are not enough of them. Want more people working? Create more factories and more more job opportunities first.

So its not enough that the jobless are poor because they don’t have any income, you also have to tax them??? This law almost sounds as if Alexander Lukashenko was looking for trouble with a candle. It was all peace and quite until bam! I bet that if this law wouldn’t have been even thought of, yet alone proposed and passed, Belarus wouldn’t have had these riots now. The tax is retarded, intrusive, oppressive and it needs to be scrubbed, BUT with that said, a color revolution must NOT be allowed to happen under any circumstances in Belarus, with or without the law!

Yes the government is communist, so what? Its not an oppressive one, everybody has food, clothes, apartments, cell phones, computers, cars, everything they need to lead a freaking normal life. Belarus is also one of the last homogeneous, almost 100% white countries in the world remaining. We do NOT want a capitalist garbage government to come over and open the borders to hoards of billions of brown invaders. White native Europeans are a minority on this planet, the browns are billions upon billions. They will eventually replace us if we don’t close the gates.

Look at Ukraine for example, like Belarus, also a former Russian territory, just shortly after their color revolution (mostly, but not entirely funded by Jewish billionaire George Soros) they have already started bringing in thousands of Muslim refugees despite locals opposing and complaining the move, while this Jewish reporter from Ukraine for example is already fantasizing a future Ukraine where MILLIONS of Muslims are brought in:

Finally, the economic argument also stacks up. Clearly Ukraine would require financial support from the EU and the US in order to be able to accommodate new arrivals, particularly given its current economic difficulties. But this would be a much better use of the available funds. For the same amount of money, many more people could be resettled in Ukraine than in European countries like France, Britain and Germany. Five people could be relocated in Ukraine at the same cost of providing housing and basic services for just one person in any of these countries.

With the right EU support, the plan can benefit everyone. Syrian refugees will have a welcoming new home, while Ukraine can benefit from the contribution of talented Syrians to its economy and closer relations with the EU thanks to joint efforts towards solving a shared problem.

Contribution of talented Syrians? Such as??? This genocidal psychopath is already fantasizing about brown middle easterners competing with Ukrainian men, to take over their own jobs and their Ukrainian women away from them and impregnate them either through force (rape) or peacefully (with liberal brainwashed women), just like in the West. Why women? At least 70% of the “refugees” are mostly single men in their 20s and 30s, according to most studies.

In translation to what you just read in the above quote, Germany already took millions in 2016, so this guy is saying that Ukraine should take 5 times the number of migrants that Western countries took because it would be cheaper to house them in Ukraine.

Ukraine is lost, its not yet fully invaded “like France, Britain and Germany” (actually the entire Europe, including Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium  etc. are invaded) are but it will be under the current leadership. So Belarus must NOT fall. It may very well be our last safe haven and our last chance for survival because when the s**t will totally hit the fan and whites will become minorities in Europe and America, we will have to relocate unless we wanna end up like in Zimbabwe… but where will we go? Places such as Belarus and Hungary. Places where we can live in peace without any terror attacks, rapes etc and without any Muslim mayors telling us that terrorism is normal for big cities and we should just embrace it.

Belarus must NOT be allowed to fall and I urge our fellow colleagues from other alternative news outlets to urgently stand up for Belarus and oppose a Soros color revolution there!

Besides this is also the spark that will start World War 3. Russia hardly let go of Ukraine but Belarus?? That’s too much, its as if the Russians would try to instigate Texas to secede away from America. Russia will go to World War 3 for Belarus, it’s a fact.

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