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CIA used tools to stage false Russian cyberattacks in 2016: Wikileaks

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So it looks like more proof is coming out exposing this Trump being a Russian agent nonsense. We already know that previous Obama-appointed, CIA director John Brennan hated Donald Trump with a passion, so now the obvious question is, why wouldn’t he frame some false attack to stage Trump as a Russian agent?

Why wouldn’t he do that considering he had the power, authority and tools to do so?

According to RT’s story based on Wikileaks they even used the tools in 2016! What a coincidence, both Russia hacked the DNC in 2016 and the CIA used their tools to stage a Russian attack in 2016, don’t you just love all these coincidences?

From RT:

WikiLeaks’ latest batch of documents, named ‘Marble’, details CIA hacking tactics and how they can hamper forensic investigators from attributing viruses, trojans and hacking attacks to the spy agency . The tool was in use as recently as 2016.

The third release, which contains 676 source code files for the agency’s secret anti-forensics framework, is part of the CIA’s Core Library of malware, according to a statement from WikiLeaks.

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