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Black reporter arrested for making Jewish bomb threats

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A St. Louis man was arrested for making several threats against Jewish Community Centers in the US.

Juan Thompson, from North St. Louis, made threats to at least 8 different Jewish Centers.

Thompson was making bomb threats in his former girlfriend’s name to Jewish Centers.

Juan is NOT a Republican… nor is he a racist neo-nazi white supremacist anti-semitic bigot xenophobic xenomorph necromorph reptilian space alien from planet Nibiru! Nope he’s none of that, he’s a black man!

KMOV reported:

A St. Louis man was arrested for allegedly making multiple threats to Jewish Community Centers in the U.S.

Authorities identified the suspect as 31 year-old Juan Thompson.

Thompson is currently in FBI custody.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said arrest comes during a months-long FBI investigation of a series of threats across the country. The threats were primarily aimed towards Jewish Community Centers, schools, and other services on or behalf of the Jewish community.

Thompson is accused of making at least eight bomb threats to different Jewish Community Centers.

News 4 will update this story as more information becomes available.

Juan Thompson was fired as a reporter for making up quotes.

This man then tried to harass his ex-white girlfriend by placing the blame on her. He said he did it because she’s racist for ditching him.

Investigators said Thompson sent hoax faxes to the woman’s employer last year detailing claims about her alleged anti-Semitic statements on social media.

Thompson complained last week on his Twitter feed that he was being investigated by the Secret Service and FBI for the bomb threats, which he blamed on a former romantic partner who he claimed was trying to frame him.

Checkout what this psycho posted on his Twitter page:


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