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Alex Jones Turns Leftist Calls Everyone Nazi Transylvanians: Dracula, Juncker, Prince Charles

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Vlad the Impaler is the founding father of all Nazis according to Alex Jones. EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker, Prince Charles of the UK, even Arnold Schwarzenegger are all Nazi descendants of Vlad the Impaler.

Alex Jones who up until recently called himself right-wing and alt-right has now gone full LEFTIST COMMUNIST ANTIFA and did a bunch of videos where he called everyone nazis. And no this isn’t a joke, this isn’t an Onion satire either.

In his most recent videos Alex called Prince Charles of UK a nazi because he claimed to be a descendant of another nazi… Vlad The Impaler of Romania. Alex Jones also said in his videos that there is a Transylvanian nazi globalist conspiracy to rule the world orchestrated by Romania and Hungary.

He said that all EU leaders are descendants of blood-sucking nazi vampire Dracula. But Dracula is a myth. There are no such thing as vampires and before Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel, no one called Vlad Tepes (as he’s known in Romania) “Dracula” or a vampire. In his video he said multiple times that count Dracula is a Transylvanian nazi globalist. This just goes to show how lost this man is. First of all “count Dracula” was the king of Wallachia not of Transylvania, its just another Bram Stoker myth and second you can’t be a globalist nazi. It’s a contradiction as these terms are different to each other. You are either a nazi or a globalist, can’t be both. Its as if he said Vlad was a communist nazi.

Prince Charles of the United Kingdom has indeed claimed to be a descendant of Vlad the Impaler but it is highly unlikely considering the distance between Romania and the UK as back then people weren’t traveling as much as they do now. Prince Charles also claimed this all the way back in 2011 but it looks like psycho Jones has only found out about it now.

Now no one can prove or disprove Prince Charles’ claim and this might be just wishful thinking on his majesty’s side, BUT this is not the point, to prove or disprove his majesty’s claim, but let’s say he IS… So what if Prince Charles would be a descendant of Vlad??? Exactly, SO WHAT? The point is that Vlad the Impaler is considered to be a national hero in Romania and while he was a braveheart patriot with brutal war tactics, he was no nazi, he wouldn’t even know what a nazi is. Vlad lived in the 15th century, nazis lived 5 centuries later, in the 20th century. This is just pure conspiracy theory equal to that of reptilians, Planet Nibiru, UFOs and other nonsense.

If it weren’t for Vlad the Impaler and his cousin ruling Moldavia (another part of Romania), king Stephen III the Great, Europe would have been talking Arabic and prayed in Muslim mosques these days. Here’s just one example from Wikipedia: “Stephen’s victory in the Battle of Vaslui was arguably one of the biggest European victories over the Ottomans“, according to historian Alexander Mikaberidze”

Nazi vampire Stephen the Great, slayer of innocent Ottomans

Romanian cousin kings of Wallachia and Moldavia, Vlad the Impaler and Stephen III the Great were not just heroes of Romania, they are heroes of Europe and heroes of Christianity! Vlad’s cousin, Stephen is even canonized by the Romanian Orthodox church and considered a SAINT. Alex has gone nuts, these people were devout Christians, not nazi vampires! By calling these heroes nazis and Hitlers he sounds just like your average leftist social justice warrior. What exactly is the difference between a so-called right-winger calling everyone nazi and Hitler such as Alex Jones and George Soros’ commie army?? There is NO difference!

To prove just how brave and devout these kings were, like Vlad, Stephen also went to war personally leading the armies, while kings of other countries and sultans of the Ottoman Empire stood home, safely in some palaces.

So even if Prince Charles is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, it’s not like he’s the descendant of Lucifer you lunatic! Vlad was a patriot who bravely fought the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) while others stood by and refused to send armies to help when Vlad asked them. The Turks were having big plans for Europe, the sultans of those days were dreaming about turning Vatican into Mecca 2.0 and Rome into Istanbul 2.0 but thanks to Vlad and his cousin Stephen, the Turks were defeated.

And Jean-Claude Juncker a nazi??? Seriously? If anything he’s a full communist. Nazis wouldn’t have filled Europe with millions of Muslims, Africans and other migrants. Yes nazis did came up with the idea of EU, the European Union, there is no dispute about that, but in THEIR VERSION of the EU, you wouldn’t have had millions of non-European migrants. In fact you wouldn’t have had a single one yet millions. Alex either doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about being unable to distinguish the extreme differences between communism and nazism or he’s just a shill. Let us explain it to you Alex, one is extreme LEFT, the other is extreme RIGHT. They are not just different, they are EXTREMELY different! Do you understand that? Juncker a nazi?? What a lunatic would say such a thing!?

Then he goes on to show Vlad’s Wikipedia painting and compare it to Juncker where he says that they look the same, like nazi demon vampires from hell.

Fake painting of Vlad the Impaler from 1560

Is he on drugs? Too many Super Male Vitality, Caveman and that other crap he’s selling? That image of Vlad is not even accurate, it’s a painting from 1560, Vlad died in 1476. The painter couldn’t have known how Vlad actually looked. It’s just someone’s imagination of how Vlad MIGHT HAVE looked! It’s not a photo! There were no cameras back then… The painting below however may be more accurate one since its from 1460 when Vlad was alive! The problem with people like Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Gavin McInnes and other cucks from the alt-light movement is that they are cult leaders and their followers worship them and are unwilling to listen to somebody else for the moment but eventually they will grow tired of them and there will be a major split as people will eventually start to see them as leftists masquerading as “right wingers, nationalists, conservatives, etc”.

More accurate painting of Vlad the Impaler from 1460

And as a BONUS, during his nazi video rants, he also said Arnold Schwarzenegger is a nazi. Arnold a nazi? Right, that’s why he filled California with millions of Mexicans, because he’s a nazi! Nazis hate white people and they wanna replace them with migrants! Didn’t you all know? In fact if you go to nazi websites such as Stormfront you can see that everyone is talking about how to bring in more migrants into the West, everyone there is also cheering for nazi fuhrer Jean-Claude Juncker. “Total inversion of reality” as Alex Jones says in his videos.

It’s always the nazis, globalists, elites, aliens, reptilians and other nonsense who rules the world, but never mentioned by name on Alex’s Infowars. A caller asked Alex about the Jewish mafia (go to minute 24:10), guess what Alex answered! He said “Yeah there’s all kind of mafias, the Italian mafia, the Jewish mafia, the Jamaican mafia, the Dixie mafia (WTF is that?). There’s all kind of mafias, it’s in the Godfather movie, THEY JUST CHANGE THEIR NAMES, the Jewish mafia worked with Hitler.” So there you have it, Alex managed to find more nazis! Even among the Jews… He then went on to say “The head of the Jewish mafia is George Soros and he’s out to get the Jews!” Can you believe this? This man has now gone completely nuts. He’s now calling everyone a nazi, just like the leftist social justice warriors do.

Watch this, these are the nazis ruling over EU who Alex Jones NEVER EVER mentions:

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