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Alex Jones apologizes for Pizzagate, others such as David Seaman disagree

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Alex Jones of Inforwars.com has surrendered to threats from a cadre of heavy hitting D.C. lawyers, employed by James Alefantis who is the owner of Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant in Washington which has previously been accused of secretly ruining a pedophile networks for Democratic party elites after Wikileaks’ Podesta Emails revelations.

Earlier this week, Alefantis’ former gay lover, David Brock from Media Matters and Shareblue, suffered a heart attack. Today, Alex Jones had a change of heart, especially in light of recent events that has placed Infowars.com in Facebook’s fake news genre and Adroll refusing to do business with him, likely due to his political leanings and fake news label placed on him by the leftist media.

Here’s Jones apologizing several times to James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong and anyone else he might’ve offended.

We take no sides in this one because Wikileaks never mentioned anything specific, it was just some food code words which were interpreted by some people as pedophile-related.

Others such as David Seaman do not agree with Alex on this one. Here’s just a few:

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So what do you think? Is the Pizzagate thing real or just a conspiracy theory? Comment below.

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