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Where is Trump? America Needs Martial Law NOW!

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Where the hell is Donald Trump???

America is boiling and it needs Martial Law NOW!

California is now talking about leaving the US! Oh really? Do these Mexicans think they can just invade a US state illegally, then ask for independence??? Trump needs to mass deport all those millions of illegal aliens and even the legal ones which fraudulently obtained visas during the Obama administration. NO independence for California! Hollywood alone brings billions of dollars from foreign countries with their movies, plus there’s Silicon Valley! America cannot cede the center of technology to the Mexicans! Its not theirs! There’s no way Trump should ever allow any damn Calexit! Yes! California is currently like a cancer to America but the solution is not to let it go by ceding the land to the illegal Mexicans, the solution is to deport all those illegals and culturally revive California.

Trump supporters are being savagely beaten unconscious in the streets by leftist mobs for no reason at all!

Madonna is calling for blowing up the White House!

Sarah Silverman is now calling for military coup against Trump!

Marilyn Manson doing video songs walking around with Trump’s decapitated head.

Soros insider is calling for military coup!

Democrats are opposing Trump’s cabinet picks and refuse to let Justice Neil Gorsuch pass in the Senate.

Tim Kaine is calling for street violence against Trump administration.

George Soros is openly calling and financing revolution and assassination of Donald Trump.

Psychopathic leftists are now even targeting a 12-year old kid, Trump’s son, Baron Trump, calling him all type of hideous possible names for no reason at all. How mentally deranged do you have to be to do such a thing?

Democrats are openly denying the election results despite having 3 major recounts in 3 states pushed by Green Party candidate Jill Stein and financed by George Soros. In those recounts no election fraud was discovered in favor of Donald Trump, on the contrary, it was discovered that multiple votes were wrongfully attributed to Hillary Clinton which should have been Trump’s votes.

The media is now also openly writing stories about a Trump assassination. Heck they even ran an ad with a Trump assassination during Trump’s first interview as president with ABC’s David Muir! If anyone ever dared to go anywhere near this subject during the Obama regime, they would have gotten a visit from the FBI in a matter of hours, arrested and had the key thrown away. There are a few examples of people just writing obscure comments on their personal Facebook or Twitter pages about Obama assassination and they immediately got arrested. Now why can’t Trump do the same? Didn’t he promise law and order? Is this law and order? Riots, his own supporters beaten in the streets by violent leftists, calls of assassinations, etc?

The media is purposefully writing fake news about Trump just to instigate to violence, such as the MLK bust being removed from the Oval Office. Why do you think they did that? Just to make people think Trump is a racist nazi and to instigate those leftist brainless zombies to even more violence.

Madness, chaos and anarchy rules in America! Trump needs to start Martial Law, issue mass arrests of all those crazed communist mobs instigating to violence, crime, revolution and more. During this martial law Trump also needs to start mass deportations of millions of illegals, especially in California ASAP before its too late and California gets stolen by the Mexican invaders. This must not be allowed to happen. Once you reduce those millions of illegals, even if there would still be a Calexit vote, it will fail miserably because the native white American Californians would never allow such a thing to happen!

All of this and more which I may have forgotten to include in this story, is simply……… UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!

Where is Donald Trump? Why isn’t he reacting, why doesn’t he do anything?

Here at the EU Times we always opposed Martial Law and you can do a “martial law” term search on our website to see for yourself but now we are calling for it. America needs law and order! Tens of millions need to get deported and hundreds of thousands need to get arrested! All those mentally deranged degenerated psychopaths need to be taken care of. Enough with the violence! Trump won fair and square!

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