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Trump's "Terrorism last night in Sweden", Who is right, the Media or Trump?

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Donald Trump gave a speech in Florida and remarked “look at what happened last night in Sweden”, which was met by immediate mockery. The Embassy of Sweden in the US even tweeted Trump saying they looked forward to informing him on Swedish immigration and integration policy.

Don’t bother. I’ll do a better job explaining that disaster than you ever could. Please share this video and make a fool out of the fake news media. Trump is not lying.

So first of all Trump never mentioned the word “terrorism” when he was talking about Sweden, this is just more fake news by the media, now second something awful DID happen in Sweden last night (and Friday night, since Trump’s rally was Saturday) because something awful happens in Sweden every night.

There are at least 7,000 rapes a year in Sweden. That’s about 20 a day.

The lying fake media is saying he was referring to a terrorist attack, but he wasn’t. No reference to a terrorist attack.

Simply talking about “what’s happening last night.”

The media is not only fake – they’re also stupid and predictable.

After making this a huge top news story, Trump can come out and say “well, something happens in Sweden every night. Just look at these rape statistics.”

And then we have a public conversation about the migrant rape crisis in Europe.

So who is right? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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