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Trump supporters ANGRY after he shows weakness and fires Mike Flynn

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Many Trump supporters, including our own EU Times staff are angry after Donald Trump who promised to “DRAIN THE SWAMP OF WASHINGTON DC” showed weakness and caved in to fake news media pressure to fire Mike Flynn. People are rushing to blame Mike Pence and Reince Priebus on this one but guess who, Donald Trump himself is the president, he’s the one who has the final word, not Priebus nor Pence! This must have been his own decision, he gave up to all the media bashing. Wrong move!

Why give up Mr. Trump? Why fire Mike Flynn who was definitely a good choice as national security adviser? Who are you going to replace him with? Kellyanne Conway named 3 potential choices: Keith Kellogg, David Petraeus and Robert Harward.

Neocon globalist warmonger Keith Kellogg?? Seriously????? I wouldn’t have this snake near me for a minute let alone have him serving as interim for God knows how long!

Another possible bad choice is David Petraeus. Not only the media will hammer Trump with “evil Petraeus” which was fired by their “Obama Messiah” but he was also seen running around doing some jogging in Germany’s Bilderberg meeting just last year in 2016. Yeap! Drain the swamp! Refill it with Bilderberg attendees! If Petraeus fills Flynn’s position, then we will have to respectfully fully unedorse Donald Trump and consider that he scammed us all. Just look at Petraeus ignoring Infowars’s Rob Dew reporter as if he’s invisible. Just look at that scumish elitist behavior. Rob Dew should have told him: “I see you MOFO! You think you’re invisible?”

The other potential choice is Robert Harward which there is little info about. We don’t really know his political ideologies but we do know that the Washington Post did a story on him where he didn’t get a single ounce of criticism, which means he’s a bad guy as well. If he would have been bashed by the WaPo then he would have been a good guy… That’s the way it works, the fake news media is making it simple for us. The fake mainstream media is so opinionated, unbalanced and scumish that it makes it really easy for us to know who is friend and who is foe. So judging by that friendly story, he must be a bad guy…

The fact that these two Keith Kellogg and David Petraeus are even on the list being considered, its super bothering. Even if their chance is like 1%, its still worrying. Why put scum on the list? Even Obama didn’t like disgraced David Petraeus. There’s nothing honorable about this wife cheater who shared national secrets with his mistress. Furthermore he’s a freaking BILDERBERGER! Need I say more??? HELLO!!!!!?!?! DRAIN THE SWAMP? Does it ring any bell? Or was it just a campaign false promise?

Trump is already having difficulties getting his appointees passed in the senate and now he loses one already? This is terrible! Why not fire Reince Priebus instead who is definitely running around wild thinking he’s the president. Many are suspecting that Priebus is the leaker who gave the info on Mike Flynn to begin with.

And why would Trump do what the media asked him to do? He doesn’t owe them anything! Actually he should order Jeff Sessions to start a full investigation into them, have their broadcasting licenses revoked, banned for the rest of their lives and arrested for high treason. There are plenty of charges that can be used against them such as:

-spreading fake news such as removing the MLK bust or Melania Trump being a prostitute and more fake news examples

-inciting leftists to violence while repeatedly lying Trump’s own supporters are violent

-openly writing articles fantasizing about Trump’s assassination

-being impartial and colluding with Hillary Clinton’s camp and the DNC to work against the Republican party

-pushing for World War 3 with Russia and trying everything in their power to wreck US-Russian relations

Ohh yeah there’s plenty of charges that could be thrown against the fake news media such as CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, MSNBC. Free speech, free speech but… this isn’t free speech this is openly advocating for the slaughter of hundreds of millions of people in a possible World War 3 with Russia. They are inciting to violence and war. They need to be put down like injured horses!

First we have UC Berkeley, now this??? Trump threatened to cut their federal funding, well why just talk but do nothing? Just do it, cut their funding and set a public example out of them, let others know that this kind of leftist behavior won’t be tolerated. People got hurt during those violent riots while police stood by and did nothing and is this how they get punished? They just get a threat?

This is bad, this is really really bad and it shows weakness! Trump, you still have millions of supporters, are you forgetting that? Ask them to come to Washington and start protesting/rioting. The senate must obey and let your appointees pass ASAP, including Judge Gorsuch, otherwise they are gonna stall this forever.

What about your campaign promises Mr. President? Drain the swamp! So far not one single swamp creature was drained… very disappointing!

We criticized Mike Cernovich in the past for his Richard Spencer episode, but I can’t believe we agree 100% with him on this one:

Cernovich did this video just a few hours BEFORE Flynn resigned, pretty intuitive:

Michael Flynn was perfect, Donald Trump should have kept him and destroy the media instead. Cernovich is right, the media smelled blood in the water, they are like crocodiles, does Trump think its over now? They’re gonna go for Bannon, Conway, Miller next. In fact they are already getting hit hard. Look at Salon calling them nazis only hours after Mike Flynn “resigned”. By the way, Flynn did not “resign”, everybody knows how these “resignations” work. He was fired but he was allowed to say “resign” just to keep bits and pieces of what’s left of his honor which was stripped by the media and allowed by Donald Trump.

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2 Responses to " Trump supporters ANGRY after he shows weakness and fires Mike Flynn "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Trump should man the fuck up and fire reince instead.
    Moles are destroying his admin and Flynn wasnt one of them.

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  2. Richie81 says:

    Reince and Pence get out Flynn who is not establishment and Trump fires Flynn. If this don’t show you Trump is the same as the rest than your all idiots.

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