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Trump IS an anti-Semite when he says the media he refers to us, Jews

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Israel’s largest newspaper, Haaretz has finally just come out with it: “Yes, Donald Trump IS an anti-Semite” the headline reads, with the subheading “We have to just come out with it, those of us who are American Jews in the media. It’s time we made Trump bathe in his own batshit.”

The article is written by Bradley Burston, an American-Israeli and senior editor at the paper. Not that this particular author even matters, but this is one of the biggest Jewish papers in the world publishing it.

Calling someone an anti-Semite is, of course, the “nuclear option” for the Jews. Because when you call someone that, they are no longer obligated to pretend to be cooperating with you. Up until this point, Jews have believed they can manipulate Trump in some ways, at least get some of what they want from him but it looks like Trump truly wants to put “America First”, before everyone else.

Here are a few quotes from the article:

If you’re Jewish and you’re still a Trump person after this week, you can stop reading this right now. It’s not for you.

After this week, there are only two kinds of American Jews left. There’s the denomination called Trump Jews, and there’s the rest of us.

No more. Now we know. That Thursday news conference stripped things down to where everyone could see it: Donald Trump IS an anti-Semite.

It’s time for people like me to just come out with it – particularly those of us who are American Jews who work in the media, those of us who’ve honestly been trying hard to be as kind and careful and and nuanced as we could.

It’s time we made him bathe in his own batshit.

Cowed by years of having the charge of anti-Semitism used as a weapon by the Jewish right in a relentless effort to silence the left, we found every intellectual excuse not to apply the charge to Trump.

… with its emphasis on media-bashing and high-profile Jewish villains at the center of conspiracy theories, unleashed the most dangerous wave of overt anti-Semitism in the United States since the 1930s.


We’ve been such nice little Jews for him for so long. We let him off the hook time after time after time.


… And this week, Trump’s did too: It was the media who got my man Flynn fired – and we all know who owns the media, don’t we?

Again we see that even if Trump doesn’t mean it this way, Jews interpret “the media” as a codeword for “the Jews”.

Here we can observe Bradley Burston, fully confident on himself, declaring war on Trump, acting as if he and “his people” are in full control of the US. Newsflash, Trump is not just a man, he’s no longer just a candidate which you can brush off and dismiss, he is the President of the USA, he’s officially the strongest man in the world so why is he so confident when he openly calls for war against Trump? Is he counting on the fact that Trump is not an anti-Semite who actually even has a Jewish son-in-law and whose daughter converted to Judaism? Is that it? But what about his patience? What if that runs out? What if Trump IS truly an anti-Semite (he’s not because no anti-Semite would allow his daughter to marry Jewish) just like the author claims? Is he sure he wants to declare war like that? What’s these people’s game and why are they so desperate? One good thing came out of this though, he exposed to the world what we already knew, “we all know who owns the media, don’t we?” Yes we do but we thank you for pointing that out.

The story goes on, calling Trump a political “animal” and obsessing about anti-Semitism for telling Jewish reporter Jake Turx to shut up and sit down after he was obsessively asking Trump about anti-Semitism. During the Trump-bash article, the author was also hoping that Trump would die live on TV of cerebrovascular accident, saying “I began to sense that Trump might suffer a stroke.”

Of course, this is just one Jew and the paper that supports him, but this is a big Jewish paper and it is an announcement of what is to come. A full declaration of war is coming soon, no doubt about that. They are already at war with him in the liberal media.

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3 Responses to " Trump IS an anti-Semite when he says the media he refers to us, Jews "

  1. Papa Tom says:

    Perhaps the US should stop military support, if that is the way you want to refer to MY president. You know he does not speak like a professional politician. Don’t be thin skinned to the man who you need support from. How many billions per year?

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    • Bob Mac says:

      Right on, my man, right on!

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  2. Harry Harry says:

    Soros is having an orgasm. Is this man under the table?

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