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Spain: 500+ African Migrants Celebrate After Breaking Through Border Fence

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Hundreds of African migrants broke through Spain’s border fence Friday and were immediately rewarded with meals, beds, counselling and Spanish lessons.

They were also given the opportunity to file for asylum.

From RT:

Hundreds of migrants are being given food and first aid by Spanish authorities and charities after storming and climbing over a six-meter barbed-wire fence to enter Ceuta, Spain’s enclave in North Africa, bordering Morocco.

Early on Friday morning, Ruptly news agency captured footage groups of ebullient males of apparent sub-Saharan origin, hugging and dancing, and encouraging fellow migrants stuck on the other side of the barrier. Many wrapped themselves in Spanish and EU flags, and chanted “Freedom!” “Victory!” and “Viva España!”

Hours earlier, the same men used shears and clubs in a mass raid on the reinforced border fence. Local media reports suggest that the breach was organized well in advance, and occurred at four different points. As many as 300 were pushed back, but border guards were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, and police said that security cameras showed up to 600 men entering Ceuta, though emergency services put the number at 500. Eleven officers were injured, and three had to be taken to the medical emergency ward in serious condition. No one has been arrested.

As the sun rose over the enclave, which is home to about 80,000 people, most of the migrants camped in a group by the roadside, where the Red Cross said it was treating 400 men, many of whom suffered gashes and cuts during the storm. Twenty-five have been transferred to Ceuta’s hospital.

All newcomers will be housed by CETI, a 512-capacity temporary migrant center, which was already home to 620 people who had mostly arrived in the city without documents, either by climbing over the fence, hiding inside a vehicle, or swimming into the port.

The migrants will now be given regular meals, a bed, counselling, and Spanish lessons, as they file their applications for asylum. Many will be relocated to other similar centers on the mainland.

This is the equivalent of rewarding someone for breaking into your home by letting them sleep in your bed, eat you food and file for benefits in your name — all of which you will pay for.

Look at these black bastards how they come here cheering, happy and with smiles on their faces as if WE the white native owners of this continent asked them to be here, as if we want them to be here! All they know is that they want to live in our countries but has it crossed their minds to ask themselves if we want them here? Of course not. Selfish low-IQ pests, intruders, felons, this is a break-in! That fence was in place because we don’t want them here but they don’t care, they just care that they want to be here.

They act as if they are invisible. No invaders, you are black, you are easily visible and distinguishable to us, so one day it won’t be hard to deport you. If some other whites would have invaded Spain like this it would have made sense, it would be extremely hard to find them and deport them if they blend in but how can these Africans hope to blend in when they are so damn different? Its like a bear trying to pretend he’s a wolf and join the pack, thinking the wolves won’t notice. Its exactly the case here, how the hell can those invaders just come here with those smiles on their faces? This continent is going to toilet, the natives are gonna go extinct. Its only a matter of time if this doesn’t end. By the way, just as a small side note, these people are not fleeing any war. There is no war in any single black African country.


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