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South Africans Protest Illegal Immigration, Brutalized by Police, Media Silent

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What happens when black people in South Africa protest immigration by other blacks and then black cops arrest them?

Well, one thing that doesn’t happen is that the Western media does not give it a bunch of coverage and call the protesters evil racists for protesting immigration, as they would do to whites in America.

They also interestingly do not call them victims of police brutality when they get shot with rubber bullets, tear-gassed and arrested for protesting, as they would do to blacks in America.

So anyway, the protests were held in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria. A petition the protesters handed to the foreign ministry, suggested that the government teach foreigners to speak properly. “They are arrogant and they don’t know how to talk to people especially Nigerians,” it said.

Resentment against foreigners has sometimes turned deadly in South Africa amid accusations that they take jobs from locals in a country where unemployment is above 25 percent. Others are blamed for drug-dealing and other crimes.

In 2015, anti-immigrant riots in and around the city of Durban killed at least six people. In 2008, similar violence killed about 60 people.

This really just does not fit into the narrative at all, does it?

It would be very uncomfortable for the liberal media to address this situation, so they just ignore it. Of course, there are reports here and there, but it isn’t made into a giant top news story.

South Africa is a rich country because it was built by whites. The blacks who live there don’t want to give that wealth away to a bunch of drug-dealing foreigners who steal their jobs.


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