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SHOCK! Trump Appoints #NeverTrump Brian Hook as Senior State Department

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Good job Mr. President!!! Make sure you follow that very intelligent holy quote: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!” Ohh yes the quote must have belonged to someone really special, perhaps God Himself or Jesus Christ? NO! Moses? NO! Julius Caesar? NO! George Washington!?!? NO! OK I know Santa Claus?? NOOO! Then who does it belong to? Its a useless quote used by Al Pacino’s character Michael Corleone from a God damn Hollywood movie! The Godfather Part II 1974!! If you live your life or lead a government using a damn Hollywood quote, you will be overthrown or killed as soon as you blink. I have a better quote instead: “Keep your friends and your loyalists close and destroy your enemies in every way possible.

Why appoint Alex Acosta as Labor Secretary? Why appoint Brian Hook as Senior State Department? Trump appointed mole Reince Priebus and fired his loyalist Mike Flynn because softie RINO VP Mike Pence whined about “THE RUSSIANS”. This administration is going to toilet. We are extremely upset with Donald Trump. He is breaking his promise to drain the swamp and instead is filling it with goblins, trolls, orcs and all kind of nasty creatures. Mr Trump since you live by this stupid movie quote to keep your enemies close, then please go ahead and appoint Clinton in your government, Obama, Soros. After all why not? Let’s all dance and make kumbaya! Nationalism is dead in America, it was all a lie. Trump deceived us. It’s over, it’s officially a mess!

First he signed that executive order to ban some Muslims and some judges blocked it and it remains blocked to this day and perhaps it will always remain like that, just yesterday he signed another order to lift the federal regulations on transgender bathrooms, guess what, another judge promised to block it. Even if Trump does have some intentions at heat, he’s weak, he does NOT retaliate, he never shoots back, let alone shoot first. In this matter he will never do anything if whatever he does then judges will just block it. Yeap, drain the swamp, appoint more #NeverTrump scumbags that will help!

Sure Brian Hook was appointed by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as a senior position in the State Department not by Trump himself but who is the boss here? Rex or Trump? Can’t Trump summon Rex and tell him “Listen here Rex, you have deeply insulted me by even considering to appoint this guy! This guy is a very outspoken enemy of mine and you lack the shame and appoint him only within days after taking office yourself? You appoint my enemies in my own cabinet? Have you no shame or respect for me? Kick him out and if you ever bring a similar guy, I’m gonna have to find a new Secretary of State!”

Brian Hook, is a former Mitt Romney adviser, Mitt… another beauty. Brian is so bad that he organized a letter signed by 121 GOP national security luminaries refusing to support Trump.

In October 2015 Brian Hook went on FOX Business Network to insist that the Trump campaign was losing steam.

Hook said in previous interviews that he personally disagreed with the president on a range of policy issues, and also noted his wife was firmly in the “never Trump” camp.

“My wife said ‘never,’” Hook told Politico in May. “Even if you say you support him as the nominee, you go down the list of his positions and you see you disagree on every one.”

Appointing Hook to director of policy planning would give him a direct line to Tillerson and put him in charge of a staff of specialists and academics in the department.

Who does this kind of masochistic stuff? Who knowingly takes enemies among their ranks? The Trump administration is surely a mess and it has lost our support completely. Our hopes now lie with Hungary’s Viktor Orban, France’s Marine Le Pen and Netherlands’s Geert Wilders. Some people are still having wet fantasizes about Trump cleaning up the system, making mass investigations and arrests into elite gangs of politicians, Clinon Foundation, Soros, pfff keep dreaming. Trump IS going to be either impeached or killed because that’s what always happens to pacifists. That’s what happened to Julius Caesar, JF Kennedy and what came very close to happen to Ronald Reagan. You NEVER make peace with the enemy because the enemy if he hates you with a passion, he will never write you off his enemy list and he will beat you and kill you as soon as you turn your back. You destroy your enemies, wipe em out and put them behind bars for life. That’s what you do with enemies Donald Trump.

3 other yuge mistakes were to ignore Madonna’s call to blow up the White House and let her go unpunished, issuing a useless threat to cut the funding of the Berkeley California University after those violent riots, firing Mike Flynn because “the Russians” invaded the Red Planet and Mike Pence was all butthurt he didn’t know. He should have arrested Madonna for terrorism and incitement to violence and make an example out of her, directly cut the funding of Berkeley and tell Pence to go F himself if he doesn’t like Flynn. Other yuge mistakes include keeping FBI directory Commie (yes short to Communist) who refused to indict Clinton and not asking his base to go to Washington and RIOT against the Demonrats for not allowing his cabinet pass quickly, including Justice Neil Gorsuch. Lets face it, its a mess and Trump only seems to be focused on the economy as if money are the only thing that matter in life… Dems such as Maxine Waters are even calling Trump and his cabinet “a bunch of scumbags” and they don’t even fire back? Why can’t Priebus or Pence come out and call Waters a filthy piece of sh*t? Why just stand there and accept to be bullied like that?

This is not just bad for his own administration but its very very bad for the president’s voter base, he is demoralizing us and unnecessarily giving ground and victories to the left. Leftists must be in paradise while we are trying to figure if this is just a bad nightmare or reality.

WE WON, yet it feels like as if we lost. Everyone is bashing us left and right, treason everywhere, no one is fighting back and the left are getting their way. This is awful to say the least.

This is not your average leftist Trump bash story, this is a right-wing Trump bash story for NOT DOING ENOUGH, for not keeping his promises and for softening up! We are holding him accountable and his feet to the fire for not delivering.

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