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Richard Spencer kicked out of CPAC 2017 because "his views are repugnant"

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Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, was kicked out of the hotel where the Conservative Political Action Conference is taking place, a CPAC spokesman confirmed to NPR.

Spencer was spotted in the lobby of the Gaylord National Resort outside Washington, D.C., talking with reporters. That’s when CPAC officials were alerted to Spencer’s presence.

“His views are repugnant and have absolutely nothing to do with conservatism or what we do here,” said CPAC spokesman Ian Walters.

“He’s anti-free markets, anti-Constitution, anti-pluralism,” Walters added. “This was one bad egg who bought a ticket.”

He described the alt-right and Spencer’s views as “vile,” “venomous,” “horrible” and “repulsive.”

So what are Richard Spencer’s views that are so repugnant, vile, venomous, horrible and repulsive that he needs to be kicked out? Let’s see… he wants to help conserve white people and he advocates for their survival and even peaceful separation from other peoples such as in the case of the invasion of Germany, France, etc.

Ohh the horror, its’ so repugnant, vile, venomous, horrible and repulsive to want to conserve a group of people! Whites must NOT be allowed to survive, they must go full extinct out of existence, because their very survival is repugnant, vile, venomous, horrible and repulsive according to Ian Walters!! Such a true and wonderful “conservative”.

Whites are already on a full scale downwards declining spiral worldwide, demographically speaking. Our own survival is “repugnant” according to CPAC. Well CPAC allegedly stands for Conservative Political Action Conference but it looks like it actually stands for Cuckold Political Action Conference so what exactly is it worth conserving to them if not the existence of a people? What is conservatism actually? How do you define it? Conserving what exactly?

Here are 2 interviews of Richard Spencer after being kicked out from “Conservative” CPAC:

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