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Mexico Earmarks $50 Million to Lawyer Up Illegals in the U.S.

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WOW. This move makes Mexican President’s intentions crystal clear. They know the scam is known and don’t even seem to mind anymore. They have no intentions of having real borders. They want illegals in the U.S. to stay int he U.S. and continue sending money back to Mexico.

What rights exactly are they fighting for? They trespassed illegally and should have NO rights. They should simply be sent back.

This is disgraceful.

From MercuryNews

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s president said Monday his country will spend about $50 million to hire lawyers for migrants in the United States facing deportation.

The money will be channeled through Mexican consulates in the U.S. and also go to outreach programs to defend Mexicans’ rights.

President Enrique Pena Nieto said in a video message to the nation that he had spoken to U.S. President Donald Trump for an hour by phone Friday. He said they reached no agreements, but found space for further dialogue between their respective representatives.

That would have been one day after Pena Nieto abruptly cancelled a planned visit to Washington this week. The clash was provoked by Trump’s insistence that Mexico would pay for his proposed border wall perhaps through a tax on imports from Mexico.

Pena Nieto said he emphasized to Trump that the relationship between the two countries must recognize Mexico’s sovereignty, dignity and independence as well as their friendship and cooperation.

“I will inform Mexicans of the advances,” Pena Nieto said.

Earlier Monday, Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray said the effort to bolster consular services in the U.S. “isn’t about obstructing the enforcement of the law in the United States, or much less opposing law enforcement.”

“We are going to focus the money on one fundamental objective, which is the defense of the rights of Mexicans. This means legal advice, informational campaigns, the hiring of lawyers where it is necessary.”


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  1. mark hauser says:

    That’s our money coming back. They’ve been shipping billions of dollars south of the border, now our left wing lawyers might be getting some of it back.

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