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“Iron Lady” Theresa May Calls President Trump's Refugee Pause “Divisive and Wrong”

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She ain’t no Iron Lady.

Last week British Prime Minister Theresa May held hands with President Donald Trump at the White House.

Today the British Prime Minister went wobbly and trashed the US president.

Theresa May told British lawmakers President Donald Trump was “divisive and wrong” to sign a rapefugee pause from seven terrorist regimes for the next three months.

May added that she was given no advance notice of the executive order during last week’s talks.

What does Trump think about her now? Well look at what he told her before she made those nasty comments, imagine what Trump thinks about her now… There goes that relationship Straw Lady!!! Opps sorry Iron Lady! And she calls herself a conservative… yeah right! Move over weakling, its time for Nigel Farage to take over in the next elections!


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“Iron Lady” Theresa May Calls President Trump's Refugee Pause “Divisive and Wrong”, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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  • rh2

    May isn’t maybe but an outright NO! She’s owned by Saudi Arabia, and once that is understood, everything about her makes sense. She was bought during her tenure as Home Secretary. All her decisions benefited Islam/Muslims one way or another and went against her own country’s and Western values ( think Merkel). The woman is a snake that can never be trusted!

    • john4637

      I wonder how PC she would feel if some Islamic radical had a knife to her throat?!?

  • angrywhiteman


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