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CBS Labels Itself "REAL NEWS" to Counter Fake News Accusations

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It sure sounds like CBS is getting defensive over Donald Trump’s attack on “fake news.” A new ad for CBS This Morning on Monday featured a blazing graphic declaring the show “REAL NEWS.” Yet, the network has a history of fawning over Barack Obama and hammering Trump. On February 2, CBS This Morning reporter Omar Villafranca lamented the “dream denied” for illegals after the “somber” 2016 election.

Last week, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley responded to Trump’s attack on the “fake news media” by lecturing that “the common denominator of Mr. Trump’s woes is the Constitution.”

Presumably, there is a team of very highly-paid psychologists and ad men who were like “yeah, this will help.”

And on some level, it probably will help. A certain number of people will subconsciously absorb this and believe it.


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