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White Man Gagged, Beaten, Bloodied by Racist Black Chicago Gang

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Obama Built This…..


A white man was kidnapped, gagged and beaten by a racist black Chicago gang — on Facebook Live.

In the video Facebook user Brittany Herring and others allegedly tie up, attack, beat and cut an unidentified white male.

(Brittany’s Facebook account is still active.)

They scream at him “F*ck Donald Trump!”

The video of the attack goes on for 30 minutes!

Infowars has more on the video:

The 30 minute video shows a young man tied up in a corner with blood coming from his head. The man’s mouth is gagged as thugs humiliate and abuse him.

The victim is repeatedly kicked and hit while forced to denounce white people and Donald Trump.

Chicago police tell Fox 32 that four people are in custody and authorities are conducting further investigation.

Will this make any headlines?

The kidnap victim was forced to drink toilet water.

Blacks in America were, are and will always be a cancer which should be removed and deported back to Africa. They never seem to be happy about anything and they always blame “the evil white man” for all of their problems, including their considerably proven low IQ on average. Yup its the white man’s fault because the IQ tests are raysist! Why don’t you gibbons pack your bags and get the hell out?

When will white people grow some balls and stand up to these violent apes?


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