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Muslims In Canada Say 9-Year-Old’s Are Adults And It’s Okay To Marry Them

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Muslims Blast Canadian Man On The Difference Between Western Laws And Sharia Values

Using a 4-year-old to murder a man, using a 10-year-old girl as a human bomb, beheading people, drowning people, throwing homosexuals off buildings. Nothing is off limits for the religion of peace.

The Muslim in this video tell off the Canadian man saying they aren’t pedophiles for sleeping with a 9-year-old because the 9-year-old is an adult.

He goes onto state that he goes around slapping people that don’t agree with him and then says that slapping is nothing and that in other countries those people would be killed.

The Muslim says that anyone who says Mohammed is a false prophet deserves to die.


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  • rh2

    Hey, Muzz blowhard, fucking with Canadians is bad for your health! You look like a panhandler who hangs around Dundas Square and Yonge in downtown Toronto. Just keep up the Allah Garbage and some Canadian will ram your ugly head up your stinking ass!

    You’re in the wrong country with your bullshit “religion”. Except for pandering politicians and lefty morons, Islam and Muslims are rejected by all right-thinking people, and that includes Canadians!

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  • Jean-Francois Morf

    When muslims speak of human rights, they mean the sharia.
    Muhammad life is men’s rights per definition: right to fuck 9y old muslim wife, right to kill all non-muslims, right to fuck any non muslim girl…
    Of course, for us, mens rights are totally different

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  • taxpayer22

    Muhammad married a 6 year old .

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