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Migrant Stabs Austrian Woman Because She Was Reading Bible

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An Afghan migrant attacked a woman at an asylum centre in Austria because she was reading a bible.

The attack took place in the town on Timelkam in the state of Upper Austria. The attacker was a 22-year-old Muslim migrant from Afghanistan who became annoyed that the 50-year-old woman had been invited by Christian residents to read the bible.

Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung says he ran into the kitchen where the woman was talking and attempted to stab her in her upper body. Her thick winter coat protected from serious harm, however she fell and injured her ear due the force of the blow.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested the migrant. He admitted he had overreacted, although he told police this was due to “personal problems”. He also stated that he had never seen the woman before the attack.

There have been numerous incidents of Christians coming under attack in migrant centres across Europe.


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2 Responses to " Migrant Stabs Austrian Woman Because She Was Reading Bible "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    So peaceful…
    And people have the nerve to ask me to have respect for the military and intel community, you know what, when merkel, juncker and soreass will be 6feet under maybe than I will show some respect, until than you are a bunch of cucks and traitors.

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  2. LarryNC says:

    Anyone who thinks or believes that we should allow these evil bastards into our nation is just crazy.

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