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Hot Texas Teacher Sentenced to 10 Years After Getting Pregnant by 13yo Student

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A Texas Aldine ISD teacher was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Friday after pleading guilty to a charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Alexandria Vera, 24-years-old (now 25), had originally had faced up to 30 years in Prison under a count of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

The unusual relationship had started over social media with Vera messaging the student and ended in the 8th grader getting her phone number. The two proceeded to have sex on a “near daily basis” as Vera previously described it.

Students initially became suspicious that something was going on between the student and Vera when the student grabbed her butt in class and as one student put it “and everyone saw it.”

Alexandria then became pregnant with her student and initially they wanted to keep the baby however, the former teacher had an abortion after being questioned by Child Protective Services, court papers claim.

The teacher already has a child from a previous relationship. The prosecutor also said Vera’s 6-year-old daughter knew about the illicit relationship and for some time called the 13-year-old (now 14) “dad”.

State District Judge Michael McSpadden said he does not believe Vera is a danger to other children, specifically not a classic pedophile, but that he needed to send a message to the community.

None of the two ended the relationship by their own will, in fact both were quite happy together, the boy wasn’t an idiot he didn’t turn her in, the whole case was unfortunately uncovered after CPS received a tip-off about the relationship, perhaps from another student.

Fortunately, Vera has been set free after paying her $100,000 bail, but has had to wear a GPS ankle monitor for a while, stay away from schools and have no contact with the teen who impregnated her.

When asked to explain the relationship, Vera said the student’s family approved of it. She says she attended family events where she was openly refereed to as the 13-year-old’s girlfriend. She also claims the family let the boy sleep at her home on a regular basis.

Because of this, the now-14-year-old student has been placed in foster care until at least August next year and has been taken away from his parents. The two are prohibited from ever meeting again for any purpose whatsoever until the minor student reaches 18.

Here are a couple of photos with the couple together:

While some people called the case “gross” others were drooling, fantasizing how much they wished they had such hot 24-year old teacher girlfriend back when they were in school.

The good part is that it was entirely consensual, no one forced anyone into anything and Vera is free now. She certainly didn’t deserve a 10 year prison sentence.

After being set free some people called the case “double standard” and a “injustice” claiming that if the teacher would have been a 24-year old man who impregnated a 13-year old student girl, he would have never seen the light of the day. Indeed these people may be right if you’re looking at the case from this perspective. Either make it illegal for both and punish both men and women to the full extent of the law, or make it legal for both. Otherwise this is discrimination against men.

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