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EU Creating ‘Fake News’ Watchdogs for Upcoming Elections

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Several EU countries have created “fake news” watchdogs to fight the spread of “disinformation” in light of Donald Trump’s election victory and Brexit, signaling the globalists’ need to censor information that doesn’t serve their narrative.

The latest fake news unit comes from the Czech government’s Interior Ministry, called the Center Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats.

It’s tasked with flagging what it deems to be fake news and also combating against “foreign propaganda,” and has drawn criticism from the country’s own president.

“We don’t need censorship. We don’t need thought police,” said Czech President Milos Zeman during a Christmas address. “We don’t need a new agency for press and information as long as we want to live in a free and democratic society.”

In preparation for their own incoming election, Germany recently announced that their own “fake news” bureau, called the “Center of Defense Against Disinformation”, will similarly target and remove fake news from social media.

“The acceptance of a post-truth age would be equivalent to political capitulation,” stated a German Interior Ministry official.

Some German politicians have even called for drafting laws to punish social media websites for not removing fake news quickly enough.

Just two weeks after the election, French newspaper Le Monde announced that they will be commissioning a fact-checking unit to flag fake news using computer automation, despite fact-checking already being a fundamental responsibility for news outlets.

“Some level of automation is so important for time-saving, and the amount of resources we need to fact check,” said Samuel Laurent, who heads up the new “fact-checking” unit division of Le Monde. “Sometimes you feel you are trying to empty the sea with a glass of water.”

These are simply reactionary moves by the desperate elite to suppress and spin real information. As we’ve reported extensively, the establishment media has been caught time and again fabricating fake news, like the Washington Post’s now-retracted bogus story accusing Russia of hacking the US energy grid.


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  1. Feriss.H says:

    We need an alternative Internet, a full substitute for Google, Facebook, Twitter and other Kike’s owned Media and public services. Actually, the whole Western civilization should be divided, territorially (where possible) and politically, between Left and Right, somehow equivalent to Roman Western and Eastern empire. It’s separation or civil war, up to the TOTAL ANNIHILATION of Libretarded Left and their multicultural fantasy.

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