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Somali Refugee Rapes Woman on Bus, Has Been in US for 3 Months

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One of Obama’s Somali refugees raped a woman on a bus in Minneapolis.

Mohamed Harir Ayanle had been in the United States for three months before the attack.

Breitbart reported:

A 22-year old Somali man who arrived in the United States in September faces charges of criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

“A Minneapolis man is being charged with criminal sexual conduct after being accused of raping a woman on a bus passing through Crookston Friday,” according to the Crookston Times.

“Mohamed Harir Ayanle, 22, was released from the Northwest Regional Correction Center Monday on a $5,000 bond and on the condition that he does not leave Minnesota,” the Times reported.

According to the criminal complaint filed with the Minnesota 9th Judicial District Court in Polk County, the suspect “just moved to Minnesota on September 22, 2016 from Somalia.”

Breitbart News contacted the Crookston Police Department and asked whether Ayanle spoke English, whether he arrived under the federal refugee resettlement program or a different immigration program, and for details on his current visa status, but did not receive a response.


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3 Responses to " Somali Refugee Rapes Woman on Bus, Has Been in US for 3 Months "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    ”Kalergi Plan”, look it up!

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  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Why is that people whom comitted no crime are being gunned done by the police on a daily basis in the U.S. but sub-human rapist trash like these are walking free.
    Im against police brutality but if I was a cop and that troll was in front of me I would empty the whole mag into his fuckin chest, bail-out that mofo.

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  3. LarryNC says:

    I seem to remember a certain political candidate who said something to the effect that “When these different countries are sending people here, they are not sending their best and brightest, no, they are sending their rapists, murderers, and their other criminals. Now, that does not mean that all of them are rapists and murderers, but some of them are the very worst of their respective societies.” And the media attacked him and called him a rapist. The example in this story PROVES that he was right!

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