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Russian Conspiracy Theory Spreads to UK Parliament, Putin Now Blamed for Brexit

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The left-wing globalist moonbats, and the movement they represent, has found a common enemy, Russia. Their ideological avoidance knows no boundary.

Not content to simply blame Russia for the failure of Hillary Clinton, a British member of parliament is now blaming Russia for the Brexit vote. But wait, it gets better.

According to MP Bradshaw Russia is also to blame for the decision of France’s Socialist President, Francios Hollande, not to seek re-election. No, really… not kidding. Watch:

Cameron’s loss, Clinton’s loss, Renzi’s loss, Hollande’s loss… it’s all Russia’s fault.

(Via Sky News) Leading Remain campaigner Ben Bradshaw questioned the validity of the result in June, claiming people were underestimating the extent of cyber warfare by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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  • Lone Ranger

    Democratic party/labour party =communist party
    Commie traitors are in a panick mode their commie globalist agenda is going down the drain.
    Brits are only lapdogs to the U.S. anyways, they are the only country in Human history wich was colonized by their own colony, lol.

  • Terry J Wall

    This blame game is getting a bit OTT. Gone from funny to freaky and next it will be insane!

  • Taking care of business!

    Oh, Vlad, you’re so naughty.

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