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Mike Cernovich's secret Master who Owns him Exposed

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So Mike Cernovich made a bad business move he had made by attacking the Alt-Right.

The running theory is that he believes talking about Jews will “hurt his brand,” but even if he believes that (it may or may not be true), that still doesn’t explain attacking people who do talk about Jews.

I mean, he came out and made that huge thing of calling Richard Spencer a secret agent for saying “Hail Victory” and raising a glass of wine. He brought in Paul Joseph Watson and everything. The logical thing to do in that situation would have been to remain silent. If someone asked him about it, he could have just been like “yeah, I don’t support that.”

Then he threw Baked Alaska out of his own party for like two light-weight Jew tweets. In that situation, he could easily have been cool – instead of irate – and said hey man, please don’t go full “antisemitic” until after the party. Baked Alaska seems like a pretty reasonable guy, he probably would have respected that. Then after the party, they could have parted ways. Instead he created a crisis, where pretty much the entire internet is calling him a crooked shill.

Attacking all of these people has damaged his brand more than associating with a bunch of anime Nazis who want to gas kikes in fake shower rooms.

So, why?

Well, some people claim it’s because he is himself Jewish. We don’t know if he’s Jewish though he looks exactly like Ron Perlman. But he has tweeted about Jewish control of the media and about white genocide in the past, so even if he is Jewish, he didn’t used to be uncomfortable talking about Jews.

Now look at this bastard Loren Feldman. He’s basically Mike Cernovich’s secret boss.

This is the guy who produced his movie “Silenced” – which, ironically, is about free speech.

He is the Jew behind the curtain. Just like Alex Jones has his Rob Jacobson and Gavin McInnes has his Ezra Levant.

These are just his recent tweets. He’s bashing the entire altright, saying that his slave Mike Cernovich agrees with him that everyone in the altright is just “100% Goy” (worthless animals). Furthermore in one of his tweets, Jewish slave-owner Loren Feldman acknowledges that his slave Mike is so slave that he is unable to take a red pill and understand that Jews do run everything. Here’s his Tweet:

“Altright guys freak when you call them dumb goys. Aspie fags. Need a red pill to figure out Jews run shit. Like it wasn’t obvious.”

This is basically open admission of who is running things yet his own slave Mike Cernovich refuses to wake up and break free. Instead of taking one red pill like his boss is telling people on Twitter, he’s selling blue pills. Literally!

This guy and the entire altLIGHT movement needs to go! The altright isn’t about fear, cuckoldry and shilling for anyone! The altright is just a synonymous word for nationalism. If you want to learn about nationalism take a look at parties such as FN in France, GD in Greece, BNP in UK, Jobbik in Hungary, FPO in Austria, NPD in Germany, etc. This is what the altright is! Not some watered down softish cuck version of nationalism and people like Cernovich are either WITH us or AGAINST us. After all who cares about these people? The first time we learned about him and his existence, it was when he invented that conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton carrying a “Diazepam pen” around. It turned out later that it was a laser pointer. Yes laser pointers are still damning proof for Parkinson but still it wasn’t Diazepam and he embarrassed us and others for reporting his fake news back then as a fact. That was the first and last conspiracy theory from Mike Cernovich we went along with. Since the Diazepam pen story he engaged in numerous other conspiracies.

Is this guy an agent meant to cuck us out? For God’s sake he’s married to a non-white migrant, non-Christian, he’s pro gay, he’s against exposure of the real globalists like his boss, despite having his boss openly admitting its true, and so many other issues. For now Mike and all other “warriors” similar to him like Milo seem only like controlled opposition.

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