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Marine Le Pen Short On Cash; Banks Trying To Kill Populism

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Liberal political powers are unable to stop the populist revolt in Europe so now banks are getting involved to try to stop it.

France 24 is reporting that Marine Le Pen is short of funds for a 2017 Presidential run because banks are refusing to lend her the money that she needs in order to finance her campaign.

From the article:

National Front party Secretary General Nicolas Bay told Europe 1 radio that he had asked for a loan of about €27 million ($28 million) for the April-May presidential and legislative campaigns next year “from among banking establishments in France, Europe and around the world”.

But French banks were refusing to lend the party money, he said, adding that the party was facing “discrimination based on political opinions”.

Le Pen has the support of around a quarter of French voters according to opinion polls, but campaign funding has long been an issue. Most polls predict that far-right Le Pen and right-of-centre Les Républicains candidate François Fillon will both make it to the second round in May 2017 but forecast an eventual win for Fillon.

In 2014 it emerged that the National Front party had received a €9 million loan from a Russian lender.”


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One Response to " Marine Le Pen Short On Cash; Banks Trying To Kill Populism "

  1. Johan says:

    The criminal bankers are an intrinsic part of the NWO cabal and they will obey their lords and masters. Let the little people settle this score for once and for all by contributing their blood sweat and tears to destroy the extreme scumbag ultracrepidarians!

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