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Liberal Globalist George Soros To Pour Billions Into Efforts To Combat ‘Hate Crimes’

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Liberal globalist billionaire George Soros is always scheming and up to something.

After funding Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign, now Soros is looking to pour billions into an effort to combat “hate crimes.”

Forward reports:

George Soros, the Holocaust survivor and wealthy philanthropist, has vowed to donate millions of dollars to fight a spike in reported hate crimes nationwide in the weeks following the fraught presidential election.

Soros’s organization, the Open Society Foundation, has promised to donate $10 million towards tracking and fighting hate crimes nationwide, Public Radio International reported.

“The imperative to act fast comes straight from George Soros himself,” said Amardeep Singh, the program officer for the National Security and Human Rights Campaign at Soros’s Open Society Foundations. “He experienced the Holocaust and experienced what it was like when people speak up, but speak up too late.”

What does this really mean? Soros always says he’ll do one thing, but then months later, he’s actually scheming behind the scenes.

Could this mean a crack-down on right-wingers online? Possibly.


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  • sheri

    He, himself, is a hate criminal. He ought to be in jail for inciting all the riots and unrest he has done and be charged also for all the deaths they have caused. He is the perfect example that the LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil.

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  • Don Mc Donald

    Holocaust survivor!! You have to be kidding me!!! He sold out his fellow Jews and even admitted it was the best time of his life!!!

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