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Germans flee in mass to Hungary amid Muslim Christmas Truck Attacks

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Native Germans who no longer feel safe in their own country are now seeking a better life in Hungary, away from the rape, murder, and terror epidemic brought about by African and Middle Eastern immigrants.

“Eight out of ten of my German customers are fleeing the mass arrival of migrants in Germany,” says Ottmar Heide, a Hungarian estate agent working around Lake Balaton.

He says Germans find their country to be increasingly dangerous, and they move to Hungary because it is safer, cheaper, and family-friendly.

“They don’t want to live in fear anymore, surrounded by radical Muslims,” Heide says.

“I have never had so many inquiries from Germany,” says Gunter Schwarz, another local estate agent.

“All of them talk of their fears of being invaded by foreigners, which is the main reason why they are moving.”

Schwarz tells his German customers “I’ll drive you to very pretty, peaceful places — No refugees, no crime, friendly neighbors, nature.”

Among these German refugees is the Brandt family which escaped from Frankfurt because they are “sick of a country they can barely recognize anymore.”

“People feel betrayed. They are afraid of bomb attacks, muggings, everything that is happening, but especially everything that could happen later.”

Angela Merkel, the EU, and basically all of the West’s politicians and media thought that they could have the West without the Westerners in it.

As cities, towns, and states become increasingly White minority, across the world, they are being proven wrong, even if they refuse to accept it.

If the West does not learn from its mistakes very soon, then Hungary, the Balkans, the Baltic, and Russia will be the new West, while the old West will become a third world war-zone. It’s that simple.

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