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Afghan Migrants ‘Use Belts As Whips’ to Attack Austrians at Christmas Celebration

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This is the “cultural enrichment” 53% of Austrians just voted for.

From the German news site Politikstube as translated by Nash Montana for Gates of Vienna:

Graz: Afghan refugees attack guests at a Christmas celebration, use their belts as whips

Multiple people were injured during an attack on guests at a Christmas party at the Schlossberg [Castle Hill] in Graz. The incident happened Thursday night. The victims of the attack were celebrating at the Stallbastei [the stables] of the castle, when they saw that a group of Afghan refugees made an open fire and were burning plastic bottles. One of the guests of the Christmas group walked over and “I asked them if they please would extinguish the fire,” the man from the Graz area tells the Kleinen Zeitung [local newspaper]. When he explained to the youth the danger of an open fire near the historic site, the conflict began.

Attack and injuries

The fight escalated. Five people were beaten, multiple people were injured. The attackers used their belts as whips. One 41-year-old Graz woman had to be admitted to the hospital with a concussion. One 50-year-old man from Leibnitz was severely injured by the asylum seekers; he had to have stitches and suffered multiple hematomas on his head. Another victim’s cheekbone was broken due to being hit twice with a fist. The scenario that took place is inconceivable: “Some of the people just threw themselves to the floor and tried to protect their bodies with their jackets,” one witness reports.

Interview of two men

The asylum seekers fled before the police arrived. During a manhunt two Afghans, aged 16 and 20, were stopped and interviewed. The witnesses recognized them as two of those involved. The 20-year-old tested positive for alcohol. Both men are being investigated for brawling and inflicting bodily harm. They have not been arrested.

Whether more Afghans from that group can also be considered perpetrators is still under investigation, say the police.

I’m sure this was just a cultural misunderstanding.

Whereas the Austrians wanted to protect an historic site from being destroyed by fire, the Afghans wanted to wage Jihad against infidel pigs.

Who are we to judge who’s ultimately in the right?


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6 Responses to " Afghan Migrants ‘Use Belts As Whips’ to Attack Austrians at Christmas Celebration "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Natives from Papua New Guinea would behave more civilised in Europe than these rapist cannibal headchopping wahhabi trash, letting them in goes beyond High Treason, thats planned and deliberate genocide, we need a Nurenberg 2.0, ASAP!

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  2. Ray Whitfield says:

    I live in Austria, but on the border to Hungary, so it is not bad where I am, since President Orban, a TRUE LEADER, banned these barbaric Pigs of Islam from his country. I also have a house in Hungary, so if it gets too bad, I can go there. Wish the leadership of Austria would grow some testicles, but until the FPÖ gets into the Bundes Chancellor position, I don’t expect the other Party Wimps to do one damn thing! Especially the unelected Kern! I may move my family back to Oklahoma soon, before Europe goes full Islam!

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    • LarryNC says:

      God’s speed.

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  3. sheri says:

    “Who are we to judge who’s ultimately in the right?” What kind of question is that? Here is a group of young men – not citizens of your country but “guests” insulting you and breaking your laws. Anyone who comes into someone’s house and attempts to destroy it is NOT in the right!
    Only someone who does not know right from wrong would even ask a question like that in this situation.

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  4. LarryNC says:

    Hmmm, what to do? If only there was a way to protect yourself from dangerous and violent criminals. I think that the good people of Austria will eventually find a method of dealing with this trash problem. Furthermore, I would suggest that anyone interested in finding a solution to this problem, should look in or near a town called Deutsch-Wagram. The needed tool could probably be found there.

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  5. Feriss.H says:

    And still they voted for Socialist. They had chance and they blew it. Hence, Afghan Turds – GO, give them a lesson, as this is the only way Lefties might learn something.

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