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Trump promises $100 Billion to Black and Latino communities

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Donald Trump is appealing to the black voters. Brunell Donald-Kyei came on FOX Business Lou Dobbs show and said that Donald Trump wants to make a new contract with African Americans and Latino Americans.

From the National Diversity Coalition for Trump Brunell Donald-Kyei and Bruce Levell break down Donald Trump’s support for minority communities.

Donald Trump said: Look, I’m not Jay-Z, I’m not JayLo, I’m not Trina, I’m not trying to entertain you but what I am saying is look I have a contract with African-American and Latinos, I want to put $100 billion into your communities over the next 8 years and not only that, I’m gonna put $20 billion into School Choice.

So basically what happened is, black people are waking up better hearing Donald Trump’s messages now, you got to remember the mainstream media a lot of them, not FOX, but they been calling him a racist, a the divider and all of these things, in an attempt to walk away from the fact that Hillary Clinton nor does the president have a record of doing anything for our innercities whether be blacks or Latinos.

Brunell Donald-Kyei asked blacks and latinos to try something new this time around, she said: Vote Trump and put that $100 billion dollars, that $20 billion that Donald Trump is offering, make him prove it to you, give him 4 years, give him a chance. We need that money for our communities, we need it!

Trump basically saying: I’m gonna make your communities prosperous.

Donald Trump has a great message.

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One Response to " Trump promises $100 Billion to Black and Latino communities "

  1. whatifs says:

    US media was bought. They lied AND were silent on truth.

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