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Self proclaimed cucked "Alt-Right leaders" destroyed the Real Alt Right

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Henrik and Lana go through the recent series of attacks on the Alt-Right by the Alt-Cuck.

They start with Alex Jones and go through the attacks from Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Thernovich.

They show all the clips of these people whining like little babies, so it’s well worth watching, just to get an idea of how totally disconnected and weak the Alt-Cuck actually is.

Really good stuff. Red Ice is killing it lately.

They do a good job of breaking down all the cucking as well. In particular – all of these queers are whining and attacking Richard Spencer, but the fact is, Spencer is extremely accessible – he would do a show with any of these spineless little wimps, and explain his position.

But they don’t care.

Because look – these people aren’t simply scared of being called Nazis. They also know that eventually, all of their own audiences – if they are honest with themselves – will end up in our camp.

There is only one conclusion that anyone looking for the truth can come to, and that is that race is the determining factor in every society. Period. And when people come to that conclusion, they have no more use for these lying shills.

And then – WHOOPS – there go your Viagra pill and e-book sales, cucks!

Basically, this NPI conference was just an excuse for these shekel-grubbing scumbags to attack the Alt-Right and try to scare people into staying away from it (Thernovich literally said that if you join the Alt-Right, you will be arrested).

I am so, so happy that we have fully separated from the Alt-Cuck. I am also very happy that the Alt-Right is now unifying. Honestly, after having taken issue with him several times over the past few years, it feels great to be solidly on the same side as Richard Spencer, the Neo-Nazi leader.


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